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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Placed my first FD

I have never never placed an FD savings.. all my savings are usually in my regular savings account as I find it very convenient to do transactions especially during those 'dry' months!  

However, in order to ensure I am determine to save for the better future, I started to place my very first FD today when I got my first full month pay!!  Yes, after working 3 months, I only managed to get my first FULL pay due to all the holidays when I start work.  With the determination, I quickly, without thinking any further and with the convenience of the online banking facilities, I placed my first very RM1,000 FD with Maybank for 2 months.  I know the interest earn is 'peanut' but this is to ensure that I refrain myself from withdrawing the $$ when I needed it!!

I am hoping that every month from now on, with the income that I am earning, I am able to continue to save RM1,000 per month in the FD, which will slowly make up a bigger amount.  I want to make sure my girl will have a good and stable future when she starts her Primary education.

I have plans for my girl in 4 years down the road.. I wished by then, I saved enough to let her have a place of our own, and also able to bring her for a overseas tour (not Singapore but further) during her school holidays.. Yes, I have no plans for her during these 4 years, and may only do some local places.  I don't think Princess will enjoy her overseas holiday so decided to do 'over the sea' instead for the moment.

Wish me luck my dear friends... I hope I can continue to be determine, and save much more in future.  Every month, I am only 'rich' for 5 minutes when the salary came in, and after all the payments to all, I end up eating my savings instead.. so, I better save fast, and not letting my savings eating up in no time.  I shall share further in my post on how from a rich beginning month, and I end up poor in 5 minutes... 

Stay tune..


  1. Good on you Cynthia! Keep it up ... to be sure, keep in FB for 12 mths auto renewal - this way, sure cannot withdraw :D

    Actually, when kids too young, go overseas also no point. They wont remember and a bit more hassle for parents too, to manage. So in 4 yrs, she is abt 7 yrs, perfect time for holiday .. yippee!!

  2. Yay! Way to go Cynthia. I know you can do it. You are a good mommy :)


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