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Monday, March 5, 2012

Working Overtime

Today finally marked the first day that I clock in extra hours in my office..  I was anticipating this to happen, therefore way in February 2012, I have got myself the backup plan having someone in the evening in the house to care for Princess while I am still at work.. I never anticipated that it will happen the very first day when the helper come!!

Is not that I have not worked extra hours, but this time, the feeling is way much different from what I used to do.  While working, it's still OK, but when I got to the car driving home, I was hoping that either the car or myself grew additional pair of wings!!! or suddenly, I can just accelerate and whooooooooofffffffff I am HOME!!!  I can't wait to see Princess at home and I was kind of worry of her with the helper!

True enough when I got home, it's only Princess and the helper, the rest of the family members are no where to be seen, which usually at least ONE will be at home!!  I suddenly feel sad, that my Princess left alone with the helper!!!  I mean I won't know what the helper tells me is right that Princess has eaten or bath?  Aiyo, so many things to worry about..Furthermore, when I got home, the helper and Princess both watching TV3!!

I am hoping that this phase pass soon, as I can tell that I am going to have more 'extra hours' soon.. and I really like this kind of feeling.. I hope Princess can understand the needs of myself working late, and to compensate her, I let her watched her You Tube on TV!!! and I am here to pen down my guilty feeling...

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  1. I am feeling you, Cyn but I am sure princess will understand your needs.


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