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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Extreme Solution with no water

Now you know that my house has no water supply and NOPE, it's not cause by the unpaid bill but there seems to have water interruption!!!  My guess was correct that today marked the 5th day without water in my area!  I managed to spoke to my neighbor and they confirmed that water supply was disrupted and there was a water tanker came at 4pm when no one was at home!!  

I was furious, and called the hotline and was informed that they don't know how long more to get the issue solved as it seems the water in the dam is running low.  Again, wondering those raining days do help in our water supply.  Frankly speaking, even staying in Singapore (a country who buys water from Malaysia) I don't have to experience water supply disruption! 

I am thankful that I have friends that so much willing to lend a hand inviting me to take a shower or take drinking water from their place, but my very concern is not the night, but more for the day when I need to freshen up for work.  In addition, Princess childcare also facing the same issue, and the children were requested to take their shower before attending childcare yesterday.

So last night, I decided to call my cousin who runs a hotel in Petaling Street, asking if I can booked her room for 1 night in order to be able to 'solve' the water issue.  Sometimes, GOD has made pre-arrangement as my cousin's daughter attend the same childcare as Princess therefore I have less worry to rush from Petaling Street back to Taman Desa just to send Princess.  My cousin's worker will do that for me, and Princess has a 'friend' to go to childcare together.  At almost 10pm, I packed and drove to Petaling Street (didn't want to go early coz of the crowd along the street).

This morning, with all freshen up, I went to work and thanks again to my cousin that she refused to take my money for the stay.  She even invited me again should the water supply is not back tonight which I seriously hope that it won't happen.  

Now I wonder how long more Syabas is going to take to settle this issue.


  1. Hope today the water issue will be solved...No water, really a big headache.

    1. Yes MeRy.. it's very inconvenient actually...

  2. No water or no electricity all very inconvenience. Hope the water will be restore back soon. And thks god you got a good cousin and friends to help out.

    1. yes indeed I am blessed with good family members and friends around.. :D

  3. Wow, 5 days without water. I can totally understand why you were furious! Hope the water issue will be resolved soon. But at least you already have a back up plan. So nice of your cousin.

  4. omg that is too long! I would go crazy too!

    Hopefully it'll be back soon.


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