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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Feeding with posts

I have to jot this down as I truly appreciate the advices given to me on feeding my posts.  Can you imagine the anxiety of not having any feed for the last 2 months until I have to post help into my Princess blog?  It's really really depressing... 

I was even more delighted when a friend sent me an email in my FB telling me to check out the Feedburner site and actually when I did, I still have error message which both myself and my friend didn't manage to figure out.  After scrolling around the WWW, I found something too that I needed to do..i.e the setting in my blog!!  

It said to check the setting of the feed URL, so when I log in to the settings, I did saw some link there and I decided to remove whatever is there and just shut down my PC and went to sleep.  The next day, I have successfully feeding the post like some diarrhea happened in my blog.  See the Post Feed Redirect URL thing there?  I emptied that..

If you asked me what have I done, I can't tell which steps were taken to have the feed back, but you may try the 2 steps and see if you got the feeding.  

Hope this help..

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