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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Find Audi Cars

As someone living in KL,  a CAR is like a mandatory item for one to own it.  If you are one that follows the current trending of car dealers' tactic, you realize that banks are giving loans to graduate with just the employment offer letter as it's so inconvenient to travel and move around in KL without a CAR!  I was one lucky ones that I don't have to worry on this matter as I always have blessing to travel with a car over the last few years, but since starting work, I realized it's really very 'urgent' for me to have ONE!

I have never know finding a 'dream car' can be that difficult!  Seriously from the beginning till now the awaiting time to get my car, I am always uptight with the arrangement.  Mind you, this is not the FIRST time I had this kind of situation!  It's very sad that our Malaysian's car dealers are always sweet talking you into doing business with them, and when all dollar and cents settle, they will come up with all kinds of grandmother stories in order to delay and crush your dream of driving the car in pieces.

From all my experiences, I find that having a trustworthy dealer is so much important to ensure that they don't twist the story around and try to corner you in every way.  While I was browsing for the 'trusted' dealer, I came across this website that provides me the options on various cars available.

As I am trying to find Audi for sale that able to give me the best value, I was trying to browse for some good deals.  When I chanced upon this website, I was totally impressed by this picture below:-

The webpage is named carsifu.com.  Isn't that good to be able to find a sifu online?  The more I browse through the webpage, the more excited I am with the deals available.  I am so much relieved that I will soon own a car that I have been dreaming.  The website is very user friendly as they categorize into respective car brands! Furthermore, it give me the number of cars available too!  How nice right?  All I have to do is just register online (FOC) and start doing all the necessary I need!

Stay tune for my posting of my car ya... *keeping finger cross that it come true right in front of my eyes on Friday*

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