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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My first car

I claimed this is my first car as it's the first car under my name.. YES, all my previous cars were bought under a different name due to loan matters and despite I paid for it, I still don't owned it as MY Car!  It's not a pleasant experience when the beginning of the deal, but later, it became all wells end wells as I still managed to get the car on the date I wanted it badly..

As usual, salesman over promised me with the status of the car, and trying to cornered me into believing that it's just not their fault for unable to keep to their words.  Despite that I gave them numerous times to tell the truth, they had make themselves a fool for trying to hide it instead.  So, the whole episode went all the way to the manager.  How the story start?

I was browsing for cars, and I saw the advertisement saying 'ready stock' and I contacted the salesperson for details.  He was very enthusiastic in the first place, and even after I told him I will only make my payment in April, he was willing to give me a discount in order for me to take my sales in end March.  Further he came all the way to my office to collect my documents for loan processing and so forth without me needed much say.  *I was like.. wah, this time I met the correct person la*

I kept asking and mentioning that I prefer to have my car 1st week of April, as I will be leaving to Teluk Intan for the Qing Ming prayer, and he was very accommodating in the date.  We submitted the loan application on Friday (right after he collected the document) and I have received a few calls from the banks seeking clarifications and so forth.  *It's really prove I got the right person, isn't it?*

So, I let the matter rest over the weekend, and on Tuesday morning, I received a call from the bank that my loan was approved.  I then called the salesperson again, while I was trying to give him the good news, he told me that my loan with another bank was not approved.  I was like, huh?  I am calling you to tell you that my loan has approved and you tell me it's not?  I can understand as we are speaking of 2 different banks..so blah blah blah... I reinforced again that looking at the timeline, I should be able to get the car by weekend isn't it?  My horror starts here!!

I was told 'oh, you take loan from this bank ah, they slow in release payment, so we cannot promise to deliver wor'.. I was like hah?  different banks different timeline?  I was not informed!!!  *horror*.. nevermind, I continue to probe further to how can I have my car on the date I am aiming.. I asked again.. how long do you need to get the car register once bank release payment?  The reply?  3 days only.. 

So, ok la.. I informed my office that I will be reporting in late, and went to the bank on Thursday signing the official documents and so forth.  I was contemplating if I should change the salesperson knowing now that I got no issue with loans.  I went around checking with other people if stocks were available, and some told me NO STOCK actually... Oh, that's the reason of all the excuses now.  I continue to deal with this salesperson, even involving his supervisor to negotiate on the timeline.  I spoke to the bank in releasing the payment ASAP in order to shut the mouth of the salesperson and his supervisor.  Another weekend gone, and again, the matter was let to rest over the weekend.

Come again Tuesday, the salesperson called to inform bank has called them to collect payment, and with the earlier 3 days timeline, I should be able to get the car by Friday, 6th April isn't it?  This time, the truth finally came out from the mouth after waiting for so long and they must be expecting me to swallow it!  No and hell no, I am not!  I told the supervisor that I wanted to speak to the MANAGER myself since he was no where able to help, and asked for the number.

I called the manager, and was informed that YES, since few weeks ago, it's already got no stock in hand, and wonder why the 'ma chai' all promised that they will be able to get.  This manager is SMART, he told me that now the main focus is to solve the matter, since I needed the car urgently.  He is willing to give me discounts and with some top up, I can opt to have a higher spec car instead of the one I am ordering.  I asked him how much more that I needed to top up, and after the calculation, I only needed to top up another RM700++, so I decided to go ahead.  I got a discount of RM2,000 of the price difference, therefore it's to my own good.

In conclusion, I booked for a Saga Standard 1.3 FLX, and I got a Saga Executive 1.3 FLX instead, not bad either... I opted for white colour since that's the colour available, and no further waiting game to play.  With immediate confirmation, I got the car registered, and able to be picked up at the showroom by Thursday night!  

On Thursday night, I was driving my snow baby back home from Sunway Mentari with a smile on the face.  After all the hassle, the main objective of having the car is met, and I am happy with it.  I did not regret with the changes, as it's really a good deal after all.  Princess was as excited as mummy and now everywhere we go, she will say, sit in the new car la... hehehe... 

I am proud that after so many years of 'restarting' my life, I am able to make this happen again.. and of course, I want to thank the person who got me into this job of mine *you know who you are*!!  Thank you babe.. you never be forgotten!  

Of course, not forgetting GOD answering my 'frantic' prayers each time after I know there will be a delay.  I prayed that GOD will grant me the wish of driving this new car back visiting my grandparents grave, and it's granted!  HE indeed does listen to me!  *Amen*

P/s:  My advise to car dealers / salesperson?  Be truthful to your customers... No point getting the sales, and end up having a unhappy deal...


  1. Congrats. Next time I go KL, can tumpang me around liao lor like that? Hehehehehe!!!!

    1. Sure Cikgu... come come KL.. we go jalan jalan and makan makan again..

  2. congrats cynthia on your new 'baby'! :-)

  3. Hi Cyn, congrats on your new car!! :)


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