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Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Nestle Incredible Story

I submitted a story to Nestle and wanted very much to contribute towards their 100 anniversaries.  I think everyone of us has a story behind since Nestle is always in our life each day.  From young, we had their various food introduced into our menu, and until today, I am one that still using the products!  I can also remember the 'nest' that rest in my home for my tummy comfort!

Now, I only wish I could win a prize and that would be PERFECT with NESTLE! Did you noticed the Reward became the Rewqrd?  It's a sign of EXCITEMENT creation!! 


  1. Good luck..I also joined,but no news yet.

  2. Good Luck Cyn! Hope you'll win something there :)

  3. wah very fast enry ye.. hehehe.. good luck

  4. Good luck to you. hope you do win and share this happy news with us over here again :D

  5. I'll be joining too! All da best to you ya! :D


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