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Friday, April 20, 2012

Security Matters

Recently I have got banks calling to verify information as I am applying for my car loan earlier.  In addition, there will also be the credit card section called to verify as some loans come with the pre-approve credit card application.

Some banks called to get information exactly what is written in the form, and it make me wonder, if it's for a security reason, you have the bank to call and verify information, how 'secure' that the call is which we can't identify who the caller is?  Since the question is gonna be exactly the same as the form, isn't that not secure for us to expose the details?

I mean if you are calling from the bank and you have obtained the info from the form, when you called a person verifying information, isn't that should be reading out the same in order to be verified?  Believe this is a chicken and egg thing to discuss...

Sometimes, I find it 'mo liao' coz a bank staff called you according to the number provided in the application form, and should one wanted to cheat the necessary, isn't that the number will belongs to him / her?  So, is that a point to call a person which number was provided to get clarification?  Who would want to apply a loan on behalf of someone else?

Just yesterday when a bank staff called, I told her my concern, and she was laughing away.  I think she got it that she is doing something unnecessary, and this unnecessary job is giving her the salary she wanted.  I told her to let me know what is the information provided instead of me giving her the info since I don't know if she is really the bank staff.  Furthermore, the bank number is recorded as Private Number.  How many times have we heard of scam through phone?  I gonna be really careful.  I told the bank staff that she might be one that holding the application form, filing up the information I gave through the phone, and apply on behalf of me instead since I don't know how real she is.  Therefore, asking her to give me the information instead ensuring that's what I am filing up.  Don't it work that way?

How do you handle calls verifying your information on your application?


  1. Hey there!
    I have received several calls claiming that they are from so and so bank, need to verify my info for some system or client info updates.
    I refused to answer their questions. Even if those calls are genuine, I cannot comprehend why Bank Negara would approve such 'system'. If they are updating their info, shouldnt it be their job to ensure that all customers infos are updated or transferred over correctly? And if there were to be any changes with customers' info, I believe the customers would call up the bank to update.

    1. I totally agree with you.. and the best is they claim is for the security reason that they verify.. but how 'secure' could that be I wonder..

  2. sometimes that can become a nuisance..

  3. I guess we just have to play by ear :-)


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