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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Share and Care through Kleenex

When I was a child, and having 2 younger siblings in the family, created a very strong siblings rival especially with the first younger brother.  Since then, my parents have been emphasizing a lot on sharing and caring as a big sister.  I always find it annoying when my parents start to tell me 'must share share'.. you are the big cheh cheh!

Today, as a mother of a child, I tell the same thing to Princess even though she does not has a sibling.  Glad that we have a toddler at home and that has give princess the chance to show her care and share!  Besides practicing share and care at home, Princess got to also share and care in her childcare too!  I am also telling Princess to be soft, as she is a girl and got to be gentle too!

In addition to our daily life, as a blogger, I share my story and parenting experience through the blog!  I have also gain friendship throughout the blogging journey, of course beside words, we sometimes have meet up and we share goodies too!  As a friend, I share all my rant and happy moment in short with Facebook and Twitter so my family members and friends are able to catch up with the latest 'news'. 

Last night, we received a package from Kleenex and they are currently having the Kleenex "Share the Softness" Campaign!  I took part of the movement to share a gift of softness! (something that I have been telling Princess to do)  See, I do what I preach!  

There are several ways to share the Kleenex Softness with your Family, Friends and the less fortunate now, and you want to know how?

  1. Sharing through the Social Media - Start sending a Kleenex Share Tissue Pack at their facebook page or selected retail stores in Malaysia to your family and friends, and let them enjoy the top quality 100% pure virgin fiber using a novel technology to deliver the best in tissue softness and strength.  
  2. Sharing with the Less Fortunate - Beside myself doing what I preach, Kleenex is also doing their part.  Each entry in the Facebook Kleenex Moments contest, Kleenex will also donate a pack of tissue to a non-profit organization.  Can you imagine those less fortunate is able able to feel the softness of the tissue?
  3. Sharing On-Ground - Can you tell me how many pack of Kleenex tissue in a bag with the usual price?  It's normally 4, and now Kleenex to make sure that you share, they are giving a pack of 5 for the price of RM12.60!  You are to share the additional pack with your love ones, family and friends or someone who you think needed that most!
A pack of tissue which consist 5 packs instead of 4!  Additional is for you to SHARE!

See the top pack with a tag?  That's a message for you to put for your 'sharing' mate!
Now, don't you get excited about sharing and caring?  Let me share you more of what in the box from Kleenex!

2 boxes of Kleenex Tissue, and a candy bottle which says.."Share a candy with People you care about"

So, who did I share the candy with? who else none that HER!

Happily holding the bottle of candy!  Look at her messy hair!

And using the tissue!  I am just glad that there is no tissue bits sticking on her face!

Now, I can only suggest that you quickly log into the Facebook page, and do your part to share the best tissue with your love ones!  Anyone want me to send you one?

Not forgetting, Throughout the year, you are also eligible to take part in contests that will kick off with the Kleenex® Moments contest in May, with RM14,500 worth of cash prizes and Kleenex® products to be won.  Moreover, the fan page will be a source of information as its members will receive a series of parenting and family activity ideas and updates on a regular basis.

Everyone needs softness in their lives, whether it's a gentle word of encouragement or a token of affection from our loved ones.  The Share the Softness campaign is our way of encouraging Malaysians to show that they care, and we hope that it doesn't end with family and friends but also with neighbors, teachers and others in our community who make a difference in our lives"  says Mr Summet Parab, Marketing Manager of Kimberly-Clark Malaysia


  1. Kleenex is a good brand, otherwise normally other brands will help bits of tissue stuck on your face when you wipe your face!

  2. wahh...so fast.my leng kum not coming to me yet.


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