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Monday, April 16, 2012

A Simple Life - The movie

I watched this movie at the very very last week of it's showing fearing that I missed the boat.  I took Princess to Mid Valley on the day of king installation, but unfortunately the queue for tickets were long and later I decided that I should just booked online to eliminate all the hassle especially when I have a kid tagging along.

On that day itself, we had a lunch date with a bunch of good friends in Bangsar South.  After lunch, Princess and myself, just proceed with movie rushing like a headless chicken as we have spent too much time chatting away! hehhee... Good that I printed the ticket and we can just proceed to the counter by missing the first 10 minutes of the show.

Back to the movie, A Simple Life, which won a few International Movie Award starring 2 of my favorite artists, i.e. Andy Lau and Dinnie Yip!!  I love this pair of 'mother and son' alike artist and I normally don't missed any of their shows.  Furthermore, this movie is a true story featuring the relationship between Roger Lee and his family helper.  It's even a must watch movie for me.

Despite that this movie doesn't have lots of graphic but the story is one that is reflecting the real life.  It's worth the ticket price, and guess if time permits, I will go again.. 

After the movie, last night was the 31st Hong Kong Film Award, and I watched the whole live telecast from the beginning to the end!! It took a good 3 hours sitting in front of the TV and I am glad that no one came snatching my TV!  :D

I felt all emotional when both my favorite artists were presented with best actor and best actress, and of course the Best File and Best Director too!!  If you haven't watch this, you should make a trip to the cinema as I find this is a good show for myself.  


  1. I have not watch this one. I must go look for the DVD.

  2. I wish to watch this too.... i like such stories.


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