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Friday, April 27, 2012

Surviving with the last few ringgit

It was hard this month for me, I had deposited part of the salary in the beginning of the month to my Fixed Deposit, and later, I got to know that I needed to pay extra RM700++ in order to get a car with a higher spec, and there goes all the budget and planning.

Now, I am sitting on the 27th, looking forward for the 2nd to come, as the initial FD will mature, together with my salary which will be credited.  Guess how much I left from now till then?  Of course, on the 30th of the month, I should be getting from 'someone' for what was owed to me, and that will relieve me a bit for the Public Holiday.  I am sure there will be some spending required to be done on days when we stayed home. I have known that my budget will run dry last week, and plans were all incorporated to ensure I make the last few ringgit last longer till pay day to ensure I don't uplift my savings pre-maturely. 

It's not easy to do this, but with some control and also some determination in principles, it help to make way for the unnecessary spending.  I was  initially budget more than the few ringgit left, but unforseen circumstances that my fridge was down, and I don't have place to put in any more stuff in the other fridge, therefore no buying of fresh food for the last 2 weeks which ended that I don't have any food to bring to work.  Haiz!

oh.. 1st May, please come faster, shall I live out this poverty period ASAP!  See, I have a reason to put my $$ in FD as if I don't it will be GONE for now due to my 'uncontrollable' circumstances that happen.  In addition, I have to cancel one cake order due to no fridge, and there I lost the income.. huhuhuhu.... 

Labour Day! make you way in FAST!


  1. quick quick check the piggy bank or any angpau left over...maybe got some $$ inside there ;p

  2. hahaha.. ya.. will go home and dig to see if got any or not... :p

  3. Cynthia, I really admire your discipline and determination. *thumbs up*!

  4. u can survive. Don't worry :D

  5. I really admire u Cynthia, don't worry, time flies, take care dear.

  6. Ganbatte ...
    u r really a strong woman ... everything will be fine...

  7. oh..I can't survive without a fridge..

  8. Agree with Rachel. Times like this I'll dig out all the angpows and piggy banks and hey, the sofa! Check the sofa!

    On a serious note, you are a great woman Cyn. The strongest I've known todate. I hope all is well soon and come, come, let's go for lunch! I cook for you (but don't choke lah as I'm not a good cook).


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