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Saturday, May 19, 2012

A blogger's child

Do I consider myself as a blogger?  no la.. just that I am using the blog to jot down the memories, therefore I use the term blogger.  

Why I start saying so, is that my Princess has seen me taking photos all the time, and she is just another 'imitator'.  I let the photo do the talking.

She now got her hand on my mobile phones when I am holding the camera.  She will say, "mummy, don't eat first, take photo" *faint*


  1. hahas! she learns from the parent too much already. but it's good, may be next time she can help in composing a blog entry for you :)

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  2. lol .. so now u got a new helper..

  3. Ooooo...she's soooo big now, sooooo pretty!!! Very fair hor? Seemed darker that time I saw her.


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