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Monday, May 21, 2012

Days as Receptionist

Today, an announcement made in the office that our dear Receptionist has taken early maternity leave (which later informed that she has gave birth to a healthy baby girl).  So smart that the baby wants the mummy to rest sufficiently and caring for her 2 months, therefore she came out just on the day her mummy took leave!  

Last week, we have discussed in the office that there will not be a 'replacement' for the receptionist, and I was asked to sit in for her.  Sitting in front desk is never an issue to me, in fact, I find it GOOD for my current position at work.  I am away from some negative vibes around, and I am able to do more work on my own.  I have known that I will be sitting in for her since the first day I joined the Company and I have asked on the replacement.

I have therefore planned for the work to be carried out during my sitting in days as the receptionist.  I have got all the books out from the office library, and recording them one by one (which it will be difficult for me to do it in my place) and having them label with color stickers!  I am someone who planned my work, and my days, but now I am working in an environment that go without PLANNING despite I am working in an architecture design firm which by nature, most buildings need to be PLAN!

Anyway, that's aside, I have officially commence the life of a 2 months receptionist, and hopefully I am able to pull through this, and enjoy some of the time here being one!  



  1. I had a very high turnover for my office receptionist..
    I think is the 5th since last year..
    The work is not so hectic.. but I guess they are looking for better pay..

  2. good luck babe, u can do it :-)

  3. In my office, we ban the word "receptionist". we have to use Front Desk and the amount of work Front Desk works is tremendous. Btw, CitiB*** pays rm3500 for their front desk. so go figure work why they are so worth ;)

  4. 2 months are not too long, so enjoy your new role.

  5. as long as you have a positive outlook, you can make the best out of the job :D
    Make the most out of it.


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