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Thursday, May 10, 2012

From a mother point of view

Did you manage to watch the video shared in Facebook last night?  I only survived the first 20 over seconds and decided to stop watching.  I can't bring myself to continue watching the video as I pictured what has the mother going through that causes her acting up like this.

Being a mother myself, a single mother who handle a baby since the 1st day she was born, and caring for the baby 24/7 without any other help or anyone to turn to, I can relate the frustration and emotional hiccups that the mother in the video going through.  After watching it for that 20 odd seconds, it starts to make me wonder..

1)  Why is the mother doing that? and later from Mr G, that the mother is a rape victim, which give birth to the baby and caring for her.  Now, imagine this... rape, pregnant, birth, care all my her own. Isn't that pain for her?

2)  Then news confirmed that the mother is sentenced to 18 months jail term, and the incident happen last year in Petaling Jaya.  Why is the video only started circulating after a year?  who initiated the video circulation?

3)  Isn't a pain for one to 'recollect' the action, after a year?  Are the public putting salt in the victims wound?  

4)  In another few months time, the mother will be release from jail, and here I am praying that she repent from her act, and lead a better life in future.

5)  There were reports saying that the child is in welfare and some says she is in a good family now.  For wherever it is, I am praying that the child outgrow this 'shadow' of her life, and in good hands to appreciate the gift of GOD.

It's sad to see event like this happen, and I wish I could really help in all means for single mothers like this who suffer and does not know how to release their emotional stress but to vent out at the child as they might thing that the child is the 'result'.  I am planning to go to the Ministry of Woman, Family and Community Development to check out what they have, and update soon again.

The society is ill, but the one who make up the society is US, I wish that world come to peace, and we can lead a better society should all of us do our part.

On the other hand, I am still collecting gifts for the mothers who caring for their ill child in UMMC, and we are now have more than 100 gifts, and hoping to have more to be distributed on that day.  Is there anyone who like to contribute? 


  1. ya I made a mistake by watching the video! So disturbed by it after that :-(

  2. Cynthia, I read your post on FB, went to read the news. Luckily I only saw the pictures and not the video. I pity the baby girl. I hate the one taking the video, and not helping. Sigh! The world is just getting very sick. I really hate seeing this type of news.

  3. I refused to watch. I wish they would not share such things on Facebook - I'm sure our friends are not like that...and our friends are not the target audience.

    It is so disgusting! Do something fruitful and beneficial like you collecting gifts. That's the way! Thumbs up, Cyn! Action speaks louder than words...and videos!

  4. i din manage to watch the whole thing too. Too soul disturbing :(

  5. Cynthia, I salute you for being strong. I salute you for that much care you have upon others when you yourself are troubled at times. Your selflessness is really something applaudable and respectable. I watched that video with Ethan and stopped half-way. Ethan cried asking why did that happened?

  6. I refused to watch that video, don't know why,may be sometimes, there are things that are really "out of human's understanding"

    You take care now ya and be strong


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