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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A kettle calling a pot black - Drama Part 1

This was just recently happening to me and in my own household.  I am getting way up to the maximum when people 'show' their 'unhappiness for themselves' by exploding to the most tiny minor things happen at home.  The story begins....

Last Friday, I came home with a pot of very welcoming ABC soup (which I don't know who boiled it) in the slow cooker, and with the control at high, almost half of the soup gone either by consumption or drying up.  I found some dried stain at the side of the pot, but ignoring it thinking they might have others who has yet to savor this pot of yummy nutritious soup.  After dinner, I just switch off the slow cooker, and went to bed.

I woke up Saturday morning having a damn headache, and I have to send the 'white babe' for her 1st check-up therefore I dragged myself and Princess out from the house around, sent the 'white babe' for check-up, and had a quick lunch before going to the clinic asking for paracetamol.  I am glad that the check up was done quick, and I only needed an hour to get it over.

Drove home and continue some sleep before the head went burst, and woke up having the same soup and just make some 'chicken claypot rice' for dinner.  I saw the soup depleting,  therefore I transfer it to a smaller pot, and left it on the induction cooker just in case anyone would like to have the soup again at night (which I doubted so).  I soaked the slow cooker pot, as it's too hot, and the stain was difficult to remove.  I left it there in the sink and rest early after dinner. 

Next day (Sunday), got up hesitantly to go to church service, but still dragged my feet as my make my vows that should GOD bless me with a permanent transport, I shall go listen to GOD's word each week without fail.  With no valid reason, I drove to church and stopped by at the sundry shop to grab a pack of Panadol since the paracetamol from the clinic was not doing it's job well!  I stayed with Princess throughout her Sunday School, and very unfortunate, the teacher whom supposed to teach her class did not turned up, therefore we left early home.  My head was already about to burst into pieces.

I went home, took 2 Panadol, and sleep the rest of the day till about 4pm!!  I was seriously hungry and tired, but glad that the headache was gone.  I wanted to take Princess out for a swim but seriously, I don't think I can make it that night.  I came out from my room, changed and thought of asking my mum if she would like to join me for shopping, and there I heard the commotion of someone shouting "WOI, WHO SOAK THE POT AND LEFT IN THE SINK"!  "ALWAYS ME THE ONE WASHING"! "EVERY TIME ALSO 'MOU SAU MEI'" and blah blah blah.... then my mum trying to act 'ignorant' asking 'who, what you shouting'... aiyo 'don't do la, all just sit down".. and again the "ALWAYS ME THE ONE WASHING"! "EVERYTIME ALSO 'MOU SAU MEI'" kind of words coming out!  Frankly speaking, I would want to interfere but just feel too tired as a small thing like that, people can get so damn upset and shouting!!  For GOD's sake, it's just a slow cooker pot, and the glass cover!  Even YOU have to WASH IT EVERY TIME, do you think it's too much?  Moreover, YOU drank the soup, you enjoyed it too!!  

I quickly went out of the house, trying to brush off the 'silent anger' inside me.. I find that nowadays, walking off is just the BEST way to 'entertain' these people who do nothing, by just sitting at home!  *if I gonna story, I can make a book out of it*

Story end that when I came home, the cooker pot was washed, and no one at home.  I just proceed to clear all my groceries, plus throwing the 2 bags of rubbish lying around at the kitchen.  Off lights, and we went to bed.

which of course I didn't la.. coz nobody at home ma.. muahaha.... Gila meh, sendiri scold sendiri...

TO BE CONTINUE..........
Story will continue tomorrow... I got to log off and head home to be with my Princess now..


  1. I agree on the walking off..
    Sometimes me and my wife also argue and we had agreed that if anyone who is angry .. just walk off and do not continue to argue...
    when it cool off then everything is back to normal..

  2. There is a lot of give and take. Nevermind if we are the one always have to sabar. Save energy and saliva as they dont appreciate what we say or do. Sabar ...

  3. Give and take is good for the family.

    Glad you're feeling better. Most days with headache, I just take a warm soak in the bath tub and then sleep it off. Resist paracetamols unless i know my eyeballs are gonna pop out or when i need to puke because of the headache.

  4. Forget and forgive, may be someone was waking up from the wrong side of the bed. Ignorance is the best way to end the drama. I agree.


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