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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Kettle Calling a Pot Black - Episode 2

The story continues from HERE, where the rubbish left and thrown by yours truly here!

You think the story should just end there, since it's also the end of the day?  Very unfortunate, it did not!  When the Kettle whistling so loud that HE is someone that got 'sau mei', wash day in day out, and blah blah blah... he forgot that the Pot is also doing the same.. but the Pot now learns to take evidence of the sau mei instead... 

1st, The Pot saw the cap of the fabric wash in the toilet adjourning to the room of the Kettle and the bottle of fabric wash is actually place in the common toilet!  This means, the Kettle has took a cap of the fabric wash, happily washing in his toilet, and left it there after use... THIS IS CALL YAO SAU MEI?   And the Kettle took it back to where it supposed to be, close the cap, and done with it.

2nd, The Kettle and the Pot shared the same toilet, and due to the reason that the WC was not in good order, the Pot actually put a spare pail in the toilet to facilitate the washing and keeping water in the toilet.  But very unfortunate, the pail went missing!!!  In addition, the stool that Pot put in the toilet also change ownership without consent!  So, this is call YAO SAU MEI?

I don't mean to be petty at times, and I seldom being the calculative ones.  If I am one that calculates, I won't last till now.. I don't have to suffer for the first 2 years of the birth of my child... BUT, iHATE being taken for granted and people start claiming 'glory' when they are just doing the smallest thing ever!!  For goodness sake, The Kettle better start counting his blessing before he counts his contribution!  iHate when the other relatives called and ask if we are being 'supportive' for Kettle business!  How to be consider supportive?  Isn't letting him doing what he wants being supportive if Kettle thinks that the best for him?  We won't be taking out a few thousands to support a business and for those who thinks they are supportive (and we are not), kindly do your part by buying the products yourself!

Sometimes at certain level, we cannot be just monetary support, but physically being there, providing ALMOST everything (if Kettle not being picky) are good enough.  I remembered when I am down, I had the same treatment too!  I climbed the difficult pathway myself too!  The family is already consider supportive in this matter, as we only contribute a little towards it!  

Kettle is lucky that when he is in the down side, he has tonnes of people trying to ask and give him word of comfort, for me, nope.. I fell myself, and I pick up myself too!  Not that I am saying I am now one successful ones, but I am glad that I am able to provide sufficiently for myself and Princess.  And seriously, I really thank my mum, and my relatives and friends being there.  Not in any seconds, I have doubt on their support and bad mouth about it.  I count my blessing to lead me where I am, and I hope Kettle doing the same.  

If Kettle is being calculative in such a manner, then how it will be in the Society?  I can be seen as where I am, as I always put my family first no matter what.  Let my mum has any event or matter, I will surely attend to it FIRST place!  My mum needed to go anywhere, I will surely arrange my time to suit her.  I don't care how my mum thinks of me, most importantly, I done my part!

*sincerely hope that Kettle read this, and take it with open hearts!  Don't drama, just take life a step at a time, life has never easy but if you sit and pound on it, the reality won't happen.. Don't harp on dreams, act on it!

** aren't you amaze that I managed to put the name in as Kettle and Pot? LOL!


  1. I really wonder who is Kettle, and Pot's relationship with Kettle. Just being curious. Anyway, I learned something here.

    1. Yan.. Kettle is my brother, and Pot is me...LOL!

  2. Kettle and pot...home affairds...
    it is better to have an open talk after cold down..
    well at the end you all are one family..

    1. ya, all the consideration goes to 'family' or I would have burst long time ago if for someone I don't bother.. hehehe.. :p


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