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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mothering Mother 2012

Mothering Mother was initiated in year 2004 by Lilian.  This year is the 8th year into action, and being a mother myself, I can relate how tough a mother can be.  With GOD blessing, I am in a better position this year to do some charity, instead of being the receiver like 2 years back.  I am participating in this program this year, and wish to bring better meaning of this year Mother's Day.  The Mothering Mother 2012 program is to care and support those courageous mothers of the terminally ill children in the UM Hospital.  The volunteers will be visiting the terminally ill ward on coming Saturday, May 12th 2012 to distribute gifts and contribution to the Mothers.
I am able to say that I have better means to contribute towards the 'less fortunate' and also to those who has suffer more than myself.  It is a blessing for a healthy child in any ways.  As it's a short preparation time, I am appealing to my readers whom is able to contribute towards the gift to come forward and make this program a success.  We are looking at the gifts which may cost RM20 per gift.  The details below is copied from a fellow blogger / organizer of the program:-

1. Gifts
As much as we love to have each contributor to put their own personal choice/touch to the gifts, we are aware of certain matters regarding sensitivities related to religion, belief or taboos. Breakable items and perishable food are also not suitable. So we have come up with the following list of gifts:

1. Non-perishable food/beverage
2. Toiletries
3. Journal / Diary (better the one without rigid dates daily)
4. Photo album
5. Framed painting /pictures of landscapes, beautiful moments, etc
6. Mini cushions (for hugs)
7. Mini fancy containers / boxes
8. Small elec. appliances
9. Comfy slippers or socks

As for others: mini card + dry fragrant flower, scarves, aromatherapy candles, magnetic decorative item and sarong can be put as side gifts if contributors like.

Normal shoe-box size, but not so rigid. I mean the size should not be too big or small as we don't want people to think we do double standard. Not necessarily in shoe boxes, some mothers came with nice paper bags etc depends on their creativity. Make sure they are properly wrapped or tied for easy transportation.
We agreed that the price per gift should be under RM20

2. Be in the hospital
The event will be held on Saturday a day before Mother's Day 2012. More info as follows:

Venue: UMMC (Details will be updated later)
Date: May 12th, 2012
Time: 9.30 am to 12 pm

3. Picking up or dropping off

You may drop off the gifts at Pavilion and I can pick it up from you at the lobby of Pavilion Tower.  Alternatively, you may collect as many gifts as you have, and I can arrange to pick it up from your place at the convenience.  Alternatively, you may contact Ros as she will be able to meet up at the Universiti LRT station or University Malaya.

I sincerely pledge to ask that you help to contribute and spread the news where available, as to have all Mothers celebrating a wonderful Mothers' Day this weekend.  Should you have contributed any gifts / cash, kindly leave a comment below, as then we can compile and inform the organizer.

From the bottom of my heart
Thank you.


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