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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mothering Mothers 2012

I posted earlier on informing that we will be making a charity drive this Mothers' Day, and last week, it happened!  We together with other mothers, organizer, and staff from UMMC had successfully marked it a day in the calendar.  We even managed to get more than the gifts that we wanted earlier.  We have collected a total of 200++ gifts, which not just sufficient for the mothers who caring for the ill child, we even distributed it to the nurses.  It was such a coincidence that it was also the Nurse Day when we were there.

I am sharing some photos of the gifts we collected and the group of volunteers.  I did not managed to go visit the wards since I brought Princess along, and myself and the organizer who also brought her baby boy stayed at the lobby waiting for the rest to finish the distribution.  Let me have some photos shown to you.

A panorama view of all the gifts

Gifts collected by all the volunteers

More Gifts and cupcakes contribute from all and a group picture
Since I can't join the rest to distribute the gifts, I had this at the cafe.  Oh, I never know that they had such a nice assam laksa served in UMMC!  (touch wood) if you are there, and happen needed something to cheer you up, why not had a bowl of the assam laksa.

yummy assam laksa!
We all arrived in the hospital on time and it took all the volunteers together with the PR and nurses about an hour to complete the distribution process.  After the distribution, we did actually sit down and yak yak before dismiss.  

It's a good experience, and the hospital is newly built and refurbish therefore it doesn't really has that scary look of hospital.  From the visit, I realize that the semi-government hospitals are now more appealing that before.  We have suggestion to do this every year, and hopefully next year we can cover more hospitals such as HUKM and most importantly, our General Hospital of Kuala Lumpur!

I sincerely take this opportunity to also thank all the contributors, volunteers, and not forgetting the organizer together with the nurses for the money and time spent.  It's a meaningful event to start the celebration of my Mothers' Day this year and I hope this can be continue every year.

Thank You!


  1. very good ..
    Please let me know if there are similiar good activities like this...
    happy to contribute and volunteer myself..

  2. This is a very meaningful activity. Good way to celebrate mother's day too.

  3. that is indeed some good deeds to be done on mother's day itself instead of "celebrating" in restaurants and shopping malls like most people.. caring children sure is something so natural to mothers, and even more meaningful on a mother's day.. :)


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