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Saturday, May 12, 2012

My Mother's Day Gift

I wanted to write this in day bright, but I just can't bring myself to bed yet.. still overly happy on this morning event.  Let me story...

As an usual morning, I drove Princess to her childcare before heading to work.  This morning, the childminder stop me from leaving and asked me to wait.  She went in to the hall, and asked Princess along.  She passed a 'gift' to Princess, and asked Princess to give it to me.  Princess came hugging me, with Thank You Mummy and I Love You!  My tear drops fell.....  I hugged her tight and told her I love her too!  I thank the childminder, and proceed to work with a big grin on my face.

What I got from the school is this..

A lotus flower.. the green part was colored by Princess, and the childminder did the lotus flower

Later came home from her childcare, Princess pose for a photo with the gift again..

As you are aware, tomorrow will be the Mothering Mothers 2012 event in UMMC, and I am in need to get some gifts for the event.  We both head out of the house, and went to the near complex for dinner (McD) and there, we try out the new babe I bought today.  I am trying various angle, in order to ensure that we can have more Mother and daughter photos together.  I am sure one day I can 'pro' in this part of the photography! 
This year marked the 3rd Year into Motherhood, and I am glad that I still go one with the decision of bringing Princess to this world.  Besides that we had some 'unhappy' events some times, but most of the times, we are just GOOD!  Princess will came home telling me what happen in school, and she is now grow to an independent girl which she will be able to handle most of her daily routines on her own.  

She has make me understand more on my mum, and how much has she done for me. And to my mum, if she happens to read this, I LOVE YOU!  We will be heading to Sungai Buloh for dinner tomorrow celebrating the day with my mum and aunt, and on Sunday, I have bought the vouchers for brunch at Palace of the Golden Horses. 

I take this opportunity to wish all MOTHERS in the WORLD... Happy Mother's Day!!


  1. happy mother's day to you! May god bless you with more of His good blessings He has in store for you and your princess!

  2. so sweet..Happy Mother's Day!

  3. wow Cynthia!! You made this special day so super touching! Yes, you have gone through lots.. and I think your strength is amazing! God bless!

  4. Happy Mother's Day to you, Cynthia.

  5. Lovely one! Happy Mother's Day¸Cyn.


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