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Friday, May 18, 2012

Pre-Mothers Day Dinner + Birthday

Last weekend, we had a fruitful weekend celebrating Mothers' Day and also a birthday together.  I have planned to bring my family, together with the Birthday Man to Sg Buloh for dinner, and in addition, I called my aunt who live in KL when her children are abroad.  Just in time, my eldest auntie called inviting us dinner on Sunday, and we looped everyone in on dinner.  We even have visitors all the way from Singapore without us expecting them!  So, in a large 10 person group, we went for dinner.

We were supposed to be in Sg Buloh as early as 7pm, but due to the concert of another 'kor san' Jacky Cheong, the traffic was bad, and one car was stranded on the Federal Highway, and we only arrived at the restaurant late at 8pm where we can see queues of human beings!  My mum has already taken aback as it's getting late, and we still got to wait for our table!!  Mum was suggesting to eat elsewhere but I have promised the Birthday Man that I will bring him to eat at this restaurant.  So we waited..

Holding the carnation from the bakery to be presented to her 'Ah Ma aka Grandma'
We got our table in less than half an hour, and with all the dishes ordered, the dinner went on smoothly, with each dishes served on the table to let everyone had their share.  We ordered 8 dishes that day, with another 20 mantau eaten together with the pork.  The reason I wanted to bring the Birthday Man here was for 

THIS!  I wanted to show him the 'standing chicken'!
Standing Roast Chicken
Clockwise From Top:  Cold served pucuk paku, peanut braised taufu, teapot ginseng soup & satay prawns
For the above, Princess loved the soup!  She managed to sip a few cups of it. Yes, the soup will be served in a tea pot with tea cups instead of bowls.

Final 3 dishes:  Tong Po Pork with Man Tao, Claypot Shu Miu & Claypot Fish
The Shu Miu and Fish welcomed the most among these dishes, and even the next day, my aunt was still commenting how nice it was.  

We also celebrated one birthday last week, which was for my uncle (dad's cousin) and guess who the happiest that moment?

The birthday cake

The birthday Man and the Princess!  She thought it was her birthday!!

Enjoying the song 'happy birthday to you'

Cutting the cake!  *slap forehead*


  1. I wish to makan the ayam..LOL!!!

    1. Come, come.. we go makan makan again..

  2. Princess Breanna smiled so happily in last 3 pictures. She looks so cute.

    1. Sheoh Yan.. she fell for birthdays nowadays.. each time a cut cake session, she will be smiling..

  3. two celebrations at one go? :) i want the standing bird!

    Latest: Romantic Affair with Mummy

    1. Fish.. yes, 2 in one go.. we purposely go there for the standing bird!

  4. Oh the food look so yummy and shouts 'MUST TRY!"

    where is this restaurant? Name? Exact location?

    1. Catheryn, the restaurant is the famous LYJ in Sg Buloh. Address is PT 11, Jalan Perkhidmatan,Kampung Baru 47000 Sungai Buloh Selangor Darul Ehsan


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