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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Relive Your Moments With Sam Hui

Sam Hui, a legend to me in the Show Biz, which he created so many songs to be sang till today.  I always remember his 'Japanese Doll' song, where sushi and tempura were mentioned!  His songs are always a link between me and my beloved dad in those days when my dad was around.  Now that he departed and reunion with my grandparents, each time I listened to Sam Hui's song, it reminds me of my dear father.

I just got to know that Sam will be coming to Genting for his concert on 26th May 2012, and the tickets were almost sold out!!  For one that has love Sam for so long, I am willing to climb the highest mountain, swim the deepest sea and stand on stage with Sam in order to get his ticket for myself and my mum to enjoy this magnificent performance.  Despite his age, Sam has not once be shown as an 'old' legend but indeed he is still very charming!! The details of this concerts can be found HERE

You might think I am crazy to even climb the highest mountain and swim the deepest sea to see Sam Hui, but in true, if he will even invite me to stage with me will be the BEST!!  I can even dance and sing and for once, pretend to be the "Japanese Doll" for his song!  It's really a good laugh each time when I hear this song to the time that he sent the girl back, and met the DAD! LOL!  This is how difficult he can be reach for me!

Now, that Genting is running the contest for me to get a chance to get close for him, and I would love to win this ticket so I can also give my mum her Mother's Day Gift (despite late) so she could go enjoy her idol together with me!  Can you imagine having 3 generations watching the 'song god'?!



  1. He is my ngau-cheong too!!! Yes yes remember the yap pun wawa song .... so lum him ler.

  2. yup i also love his songs..
    very practical and meaningful..
    we are the worker "yee pan tah kong chai"
    but my wife is not his big fan .. lol.. so save some money after watch the jackie cheung ady..

  3. I hope your dream shall come through dear

  4. did you manage to get the ticket? :) dont miss it coz it's a rare chance

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  5. he's truly a legend. Love his simplistic lyrics from pun kan pat leong to yap pun wa wa.


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