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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sitting in as Receptionist

As you know, I have been required to sit in during my lovely receptionist who went for her maternity 2 weeks ago.  Since these 2 weeks, nothing much happened.. all well going.. I am enjoying every bits of my time here.. LOL!

Today, I wanted to share an incident which make me scratch my head...

In my office, day in day out, we have professional consultants coming to the office for meetings on different projects and TODAY, a consultant came, went into the meeting room... and while he walked out of the room due to his mobile phone ringing... He was 'chatting' on the phone while walking out to my reception area, came behind the counter, took my scissors WHILE I AM STILL SITTING THERE and CUT the sweets (the single individual pack Mentos)!  FYI, My scissors was placed inside the stationary holder!! and after CUTTING, he left it there on the table without putting in back to it's place!!

It caught me off guard, and that it took me surprise that this consultant didn't realized that he was actually in his client's office and NOT HIS OWN!!  He continue to talk on his phone LOUD and chatting with the other party and WALKING up and down the office aisle.  I was annoyed by that, as he was not just LOUD, but don't you think it's very impolite for you to walk over to your client's office reception counter without ASKING and TOOK the scissors?  Moreover, I might be handling some P&C stuff right...

I mean, don't too engrossed on your 'gossip' conversation, until you forgot where were you!!  Even you don't represent yourself, you do represent your CONSULTANCY firm right?  Where is the Courtesy?  Furthermore, how difficult is that for one to open a sweet plastic like below?

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I was waiting for him to finish his conversation, and at least says excuse me or sorry but after he finished his 'gossips' he just went back to the meeting room!  

I was laughing inside myself for this kind of behavior that happen.. How come nowadays the younger generation was not taught about 'menace'?  Mind you, the 'consultant' is about in 20s to early 30s...


  1. I find him has no moral value.

  2. use a scissor to cut the mentos?
    I just bite it off using the teeth..
    so do you feel boring become temp receptionist?

    1. Simple Person.. actually I quite enjoy the work as front desk...

  3. you would be observing all kinds of attitudes there..

  4. First they CONSULT, then they CON, then they insult... = CONSULTANT... ahahahahah

  5. he is the boss of the consultant firm is it?

  6. The younger ones think they very highly educated ma, sit in meeting room but we sit at reception, so no respect for us lor.

  7. some ppl is just like that la. look down on ppl and no manners. no please, no thank u like we owe it to them

  8. i think he was so engrossed in his conversation, he forget his manners.

  9. Lol he was all in the conversation that he forgot some manners...luckily he placed the scissors on the table and not somewhere else.


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