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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Yes, I won!

Please excuse my excitement.  I received an email from ParenThots that I have won the last best parenting story this April.  The announcement of the winning is HERE.  I have apply leave to collect the prize this Friday afternoon, and will take Princess for a walk around either Bandar Utama or IKEA after that. 

After the publishing of the story, and also my earlier blog post, I received more visitors to my blog, and of course words of encouragement pouring in.  I am happy to read all your comments, however apologize that I have yet to find them replying them.  Sorry.

This is gonna be short post as all I want is to say a BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE for all the support!

In addition, I have register myself and Princess for the ParenThots craft session which will be held on Saturday, May 26, 2012.  For details:  Click on to HERE


  1. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U deserve it :-)

  2. as the saying goes...'be grateful, everytime. For good things and bad things...and all the great things will come into place for you.' =)

    you deserve it.

  3. Congratulations to you, again.

  4. It is surely a very touching and lovely article. You stay strong and positive.

  5. So happy for you,,,,,,just want to tumpang your happiness

  6. Congrats!!! This is the best moment, isn't. Hope you and Princess enjoy the coming crafts session.

  7. Congrats Cyn! Though it is a heart-wrenching story you shared, I'm glad it won you something. Eh.. I'll be in IKEA too today!!!

  8. Congrats Cyn. Enjoy the gift.

  9. Hey congrats...
    Happy shopping in ikea/curve....


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