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Friday, June 22, 2012

Book Review: Simple Secrets to a Happy Life by Luci Swindoll

Book Description

Is it possible to stay full of life, laughter, love, and the Lord through eight decades in this crazy world? Is that even realistic? Yes! There is hope, and Luci Swindoll is living proof.

With heart and humor, this best-selling author and beloved speaker lays out the truths that can help us all become a little more creative, organized, healthy, and happy. This is not a complex prescription for how to become superwoman. These are simple secrets, the wisdom produced by years of walking with God and living well.

We don’t need more tips for “having it all,” but we could all use insight on “having what matters,” and there is no better guide than Luci Swindoll.

Luci has spent eight decades accumulating the stories, memories, verses, and practical tips that make up Simple Secrets to a Happy Life. Whether traveling the world or building life-long friendships, singing in the opera or working for Mobil Oil, every step has taught her a little more about how to love God, love her neighbor, and love herself.

The result is both personal and universal. Organized into fifty short chapters, her reflections form a simple and profound outline for making the most of the lives God has given us.

We could all use a little more joy in our lives, which means we could all use a little more Luci. Visit her through these snapshots of wisdom. You’ll find yourself drawn back again and again.

My Review

As you can tell from the book title, it's a guidelines that one has shared on how to lead a happy life.  Of most of the 'secrets' told, was not secrets anymore, however it's a proof that one has been able to live life out with it, and so do all of us here can do the same.

A few very important 'secrets' that I take it to myself, were like in Part One, Chapter ONE - Honor your Father and Mother.  It's simply put the specification to the 2 most important person in our life, and she does not put the word of general "parents".  Under just the Part One, it already putting a few secrets that we have been neglecting like "Be On Time for Everything".  Guess with the current 'rat race' life, we tend to unable to keep to this.  Like I had said, it take a little of secrets, but the effort has to be put in no matter what.

This book clearly illustrated in short and understanding language, and gives me the impact right to my heart on some 'secrets' which now I may want to make it a point to do it.  One other secret of "Staying Proactive About Your Health" in Part Two has given me the 'hint' that I should start doing something if I want to live life long enough to witness more happenings relating to my Princess.

Part Three is more to strike a balance in life, and of course, one thing most people neglect is that the happening of each day.  As we are in the rat race living, each day is treated almost the same, and since we did not put any notice of the happening.  It's good to notice all the event happening, therefore we will be able to be more alert.  

Living a Good Life was the Part Four of this book, and one thing that I ticked off from here is "Cook Something Special For Yourself"!  I always ensure that both myself and Princess will be treated with good meals cook myself, and she will have a fair share of it.

Have you ever hear people saying, you heard but you are not listening!  Yes, in Part Five, it has the secret of "Listening with your whole heart".  I think we should listen more and hearing less.  We should be able to let others have a chance to speak too!

I find this book a good guide, and of course, living with all these secrets are never easy.  It's most like a Saint doing this job but nevertheless, each time when we feel the under the weather, we should be able to come back to this book with the secrets, and again bring our mood back to par.

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  1. It has been age I didn't read adult books. I am now reading my girls' novel.

  2. sounds very inspiring :) im interested!

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  3. sound a very intersting book..
    last time I use to read at least 1book/mth..
    but now I still have not finish the book that I started since Mar. aihhhh


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