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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Change of Name

no no.. I didn't change my name.. I just changed the blog name...

From the early start, I have this blog name Me.. Me.. Me.. when I was ranting all about my past, and my story.. it's basically a blog for ME! and myself!  After almost a year of having that, and enough of all the rant, I moved the story away from this blog, so I can actually monetize it but not publishing my story all over the web world... and I name it Cynful Pleasure, a name given to me by Cikgu Arthur!  Thanks again Cikgu for the nice name..

Last night, after staring at the blog title for a while.. I decided to make another change of it... adding Journey to Success and this shall marked my step by step move towards that direction.

How can I claim success?

1)  I want a place to live in my OWN place just myself and Princess
2)  I want to have my OWN car (which I finally have one but yet to finish the installment, so it's belong to the bank, and not mine YET)
3)  I hope to get my degree in education completed.  Who knows one day I may attend Uni together with Princess
4)  I wish to have more time in baking, and slowly grow the business and on the day I can offer 'specialise' baking, that's where I want to be
5)  Both myself and Princess are healthy and strong.  No major sickness however allow some tiny minor 'sick' to sip in for a break and rest! 
6)  I have more time for GOD and God's work.

I pray, and ask GOD for his provision, that I may one day be where I want to be.  I am leaving all these in GOD's hand, and I only slave through the journey and look forward to see the result in time to come.  I am here inviting and hoping all of you be there to see me reaching the path, and we shall then be JOY!


  1. You can do it! I believe and know you can. All the best. God bless you and Princess.

  2. This is a nice name. Be more positive and your life will certainly be better! Ganbate! :)

  3. You are doing great Cyn! Gambate!

  4. like your positive thinking..


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