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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cynful Pleasure Lunch

Remember I blog about me buying the lunch box?  Indeed I put it in a very practical use.  For a week of work, I have use this for at least 3 days.  Sometimes I just bring leftover for lunch, and sometimes I cook.  I further 'influence' another colleague to buy the same function lunch box (hers is slightly different in design) and we could do lunch together in the office.  Some of my office colleagues have been drooling on my self-prepared lunch.. hehe..

Today (should be 26/6), we are in the mood to do 'one pot rice'.  I bought a packet of rice in the office, and we planned to bring chicken, lap cheong and mushroom to the office the day before.  I have a packet of kailan at home too.  Therefore, today (26/6) our lunch was really 'complete' and fresh.  From the rice to the dishes...

Kailan with mushroom
One pot rice with chicken, Chinese sausage and mushroom

Since we now have 2 separate lunch boxes, I used the one from my colleague to cook rice (her inner pot is bigger) and mine for the veg.  We have plan for coming lunch menu each day, and our target is to spend not more than RM5 per person per day.  Frankly speaking, the above cost me much lesser than RM10.  I had better quality rice, fresh vegetables and also no MSG food.

So, anyone want to join me for lunch?  Come join me in the Company as we are looking for more staff now and we can do 'masak masak' together.


  1. Oh my! Sound so interesting. You sure make a lot of your colleagues drooling. I am drooling now also.

  2. very hardworking in cooking lunch everyday! :)

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  3. lol ..
    my company also do the same..
    we cook soup everyday and share with all chinese colleagues....

  4. yes...very good planning... if i got same race in my office, i can eat pork! hahaha...

  5. Hi, can I come too? I bring fish curry, steamed fresh water prawns.....and coconut dessert with ice cream.....
    You have fun and keep a song in your heart.
    Best regards.

  6. good idea. :) Save money and healthier too!

  7. yes, cheaper too than eating out


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