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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fire Alarm.. Evacuate?

We had a fire alarm triggered yesterday afternoon, and thank GOD that I am still alive today writing this post!  When the fire alarm went off, everyone in the office was calm and don't really bothered, till it went on for approx more than 10 seconds, only then we started asking if we should RUN!  However, even with that question had in everyone's head, no one bothers to RUN!  I suddenly had this 'picture' in my head...

"What if the alarm was real at that time, and it's not a false one"?  

"What is going to happen to my Princess if I am burnt to death in the building?"

"Will my family take care of Princess for me since I don't really left a lot of $$ behind"?

"How is my mum taking it if I am dead earlier than her"?

"Will my family member recognise my 'chared' body and claim me for funeral"?

My heart sank now when I typed this post.. my tiny hairs are standing with so much fear of what happen and all the what if...

Are we really prepared to leave our family member behind due to accident?

When I heard the announcement that the alarm was indeed a false alarm, I was relieved but no fully.. I am still fear for my life, and was hoping to get the lift in order by 6pm or I will have to walk down the stairs!!  It's no fun to walk down 17 stories of stairs!!  

On the other hand, I find that we were very confident in the first place that the alarm was false since no one was RUNNING for life!  We have so much confident that nothing would happen in our life, and we always take it for granted that it is NOT happening! and till the end, when it really happened, we have all the life we have to regret it!

We may even have faith and trust to the Almighty that we are not the chosen ones to be back with HIM!  

How often do you run when you hear a fire alarm? 


  1. Hey Cynthia, Cynthia, whatever will be ,will be, the future not our to see, what will be will be,,,,,,,

  2. Is a touching post.

    For me, I will check with someone whether it is a false alarm. I am those "panicking" person.

  3. Alamak in Msia kan.. fire alarm or car alarm or even house alarm.. even our clock alarm, nobody bothers wan. The house/car/clock alarm can shout until their lungs tercabut still nobody cares wan. So many clocks died a horrible deaths coz ppl instead of switching them off, flunk them against the wall instead.. only in malaysia..

  4. I hear them all the time but somehow, know that it is just the technician testing it. And actually really no one would bother to run until we hear announcement from the PA system :D


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