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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

McD Fillet O Fish

Warning:  *This post is to jot down how I feel as a consumer, and represent my own opinion only*

I had a few occasions having McD Fillet O Fish, and each time when I opened the burger to top my sauce and french fries, I got depressed when I found this

ONLY half a slice of cheddar cheese!!  I used to have 1 full slice of the cheese!!

Look at how tempting is the illustrated photo!
This is how I usually eats my Fillet.. top up with sauce and french fries.. but see.. another 'half' piece of cheese..

I know it's always having the 'line' saying 'Pictures of food are for illustration purposes only.  Actual display may differ'.. but not up to this extend right?  I always remember having to ngap a very yummy Fillet, and even while I was in Singapore, I even had the Double Fillet when Malaysia has not offered that!  And guess what, Fillet is ONLY one of the 'usual' stuff I order if I ate in McD, and yet, it's so depressing seeing this.

When I first saw this, I thought it could be the kitchen's fault of for 'cheating' me the half slice of the cheese, unfortunately, this seems to happen the 2nd, 3rd and the rest of the time till I cannot tahan but got to snap a photo of it!  I guess the 'promotion' was to have a lower price and a smaller portion? then what's the promotion for?  hmmm...

Guess for now, I got to make lesser trip to McD to avoid further disappointment or next time, should I just bring a slice of cheese of my own?  ;p


  1. Guess you should make a complaint at the outlet. I did the same when I ordered Double McChicken Burger twice...and both the times they put only one chicken patty. It shld have 2. But the packaging box says Double.

    Luckily I intended to open the packaging during the 2nd purchase before leaving the drive-thru.

    And when I saw it's single..I just parked my car and walked to talk to the manager. They claimed fault. :)

    1. I guess these ppl is trying their luck to get rid of it...

  2. Actually, I really think all these fast food joints are value for money......that's why I hardly go there,I prefer my old school coffee shop ... one big bowl of curry mee,costs only RM3.50 and tastes heavenly, OldTown,,,you tell me how much and the taste?

    so you are right,less frequent there,less heartache,,lol

    1. bro.. you are right.. I am sure local kopitiam taste better and easier on the pocket too!

  3. Oh boy I m sure it is call sad meal now...
    Half a slice? Cost reduction kau kau...
    I remember that a fren told me that...there is a big percentage of mc chicken is made of synthetic food...
    Just to reduce cost...don't know whether is true or not?

  4. i noticed that and it's been a while they only give half a piece of cheese for the filet-o-fish..


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