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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Meet Fresh @ Pavilion

Since working in Pavilion, I have been 'exposed' to some new shops opening as and when it happen.  So, this week, we have a new opening of Meet Fresh.  This kind of Taiwanese sweet desserts have been sprouting everywhere if you noticed, and today, I finally had a chance to taste this new shop here.

Their Top 10
From my humble opinion, Meet Fresh served less sweeten desserts compared to the rest, and a colleague of mine who had the 'grass jelly' type of desserts claimed it's very smooth, and she even wanted a second helping.  The servings is just nice for my tummy however some colleagues says it's a bit small.  Below is a copy of the price list for your reference.

Price List
The price are almost competitive with the other similar chain, it's mostly depends on each taste buds on which they prefer.  Now, if you are shopping in Pavilion, and thinking of grabbing a dessert, you may consider trying out this new chain at the Level 6 (in front of Ben's).



  1. all the chains all same punya..meetfresh, snowflakes, chatime, etc...

  2. Why no photos of the desserts? :P

  3. I always like this type of icy dessert. I must try this when I go KL again.

  4. Po when I went there.. It was not open yet...
    How abt hui Lau San? Is it open also..
    I tried it at hong kong...

  5. I've tried their mochi when I went to Penang last 2 weeks. It's sooo good!! :)

  6. i tried it before... super super nice with good environment compare to snowflake pavilion. At least have a comfortable seat while we can have good "leg "rest after long walking....


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