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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Our Daily Bread - Cornered

Pray for those who spitefully use you. —Luke 6:28
One Sunday morning, D. L. Moody entered a house in Chicago to escort some children to Sunday school. During his visit, three men backed him into a corner and threatened him. “Look here,” Moody said. “Give a fellow a chance to say his prayers, won’t you?” The men actually allowed him to call out to God, and Moody prayed for them so earnestly that they left the room.
Had I been in Moody’s situation, I might have called for help or looked for the back door. I’m not sure I would have acted on Jesus’ command to His followers: “Pray for those who mistreat you” (Luke 6:28 NIV).
Praying for the people who treat us with contempt is one way to “do good to those who hate [us]” (v.27). Jesus explained that Christians get no credit for swapping acts of kindness with other “nice” people. He said, “Even sinners do the same” (v.33). However, blessing our persecutors (Rom. 12:14) sets us apart from them and aligns us with the Most High, because God is kind even to wicked people (Luke 6:35).
Today, if you feel “cornered” by someone, seek safety if the situation calls for it, and follow Jesus’ teaching: Pray for that person (Luke 23:34). Prayer is your best defense. —Jennifer Benson Schuldt
We want to know Your heart, Lord, and have Your
wisdom to know how to handle opposition.
Give us patience to show kindness.
Guide us, we pray.
Returning good for good is human; returning good for evil is divine.

This was what I received today in my email, of which I subscribe for the daily bread.  When I first read about this, it only reminded me of all the recent kidnaps, slash cases happening to women in KL / PJ.  It was in broad daylight that these people go after single lady victim who was all alone by themselves in shopping mall (a mega ones some more)    

It kept me thinking, in any situation of this happens to me, since I work in a mall day in day out.  What other measures should I take to lower the the risk of being targeted.   This message bring me clear defense.  Yes, I should beside asking GOD to protect me, I should also pray that the attacker realize what's in the action, and turn a good leaf!

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