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Friday, June 29, 2012

POISE® Launches ‘IT HAPPENS TO ME’ Educational Campaign - Part 1

Kicking off from June 24 in conjunction with World Continence Week, “It Happens to Me” is the fourth consecutive campaign by Poise® to further educate and invite women to take a proactive stand on light urinary leakage (LUL). You may now ask what is LUL?  

In summary, Light Urinary Leakage (LUL) is something faced by mostly women due to age, birth and menopause.  “The top three triggers of experiencing LUL were coughing, sneezing and laughing.

During the campaign launch, it has an important message to convey – that Malaysian women need not be shy about experiencing LUL as it is a common condition affecting 1 in 4 women at least once in their lifetime.  Secondly, the 2012 campaign is set to be more engaging with support from Poise® Ambassador Sharifah Shahira and new ambassador Raja Azura, and has greater visibility via an educational video series, mini booklet, consumer contests and a roving truck which will visit high-traffic areas.  Finally, women need to realize that there are meaningful solutions to manage LUL, one of which is using the correct products specially designed for the condition. Poise® is the first light urinary protection brand of products for women.

Core to this campaign are the educational videos available on the Poise Malaysia’s YouTube site: http://www.youtube.com/poisemalaysia and through a link from the brand’s fanpage at www.facebook.com/Poise.Malaysia.  These online resources combine input from the ambassadors and from women’s experts on LUL in response to the common concerns by Malaysian women experiencing the condition, thus, they are much more relatable and can be easily shared among a wider community to effectively spread the word about LUL management.

The right product for LUL

new POISE ambassador Raja Azura

The 2 POISE ambassadors go shopping...

POISE ambassador Sharifah Shahira

About Poise®
Poise® is the first light urinary protection brand of products for women in Malaysia.  It is one of the brands of Kimberly-Clark. Poise® products, available in 16-count packs, come in three different product forms (liners, slim pads and super maxi pads) with product features such as Absorb-Loc protection which absorbs 2x more than regular pads, Odor Care granules to prevent unpleasant urine odor and Dry Touch cover to keep one drier and comfortable all day.

 I will blog more of what being briefed in the event in next post... still sorting out the photos now..

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