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Friday, June 29, 2012

Who's fault?

Before I go ahead and tell you a story, let me ask a few questions

1)  Are you an email user? 
2)  How often do you clean up your sent item?
3)  How often do you clean up your inbox?
4)  Do you call to the recipient if you are sending an urgent email and there is no reply?

Now the story begins...

There was this requirement set since the beginning of a project, that all parties involved will be copied in all email correspondences to avoid further confuse and conflict.   A month ago, an supposedly urgent email was sent without any copies, just between the sender and recipient.   Then a month later, it was only brought up to the attention of the rest that this email was sent and ding dong for a month, however one side claimed sent, and the other side claimed not received!!!  *does it now sound familiar*?

Next, the client got involved.. asking for the evidence of sending of all emails (already from start mentioned to copy ALL parties right) and after a few emails from the client to 'rush' the sender to provide evidence of the 'sent' email, the sender suddenly reverted with a remark that the sent email cannot be located as the sent item box all cleaned every 2 days!!  So how?  can't find evidence of the mail sent, and the claim from the recipient that he did not received the mail may be correct, right?  Who should it be responsible for a loss mail which causes delay in work?

In addition, when check with sender if he has called the recipient on the email, and ensure that the party confirmed received of the email?  NO!!!!  There was no confirmation of email received!! HOW?  Now there was a delay caused by the loss mail (and for goodness sake, after 1 month)!!!!  The sender now cry foul that it should not be his responsibilities to provide the evidence!!  Then WHO?!!  and the sender claimed that the client is one-sided to the recipient but he forgot that if the sender has the evidence of the mail, it would be his WINNING case but very unfortunate, he brings his own fate to the drain

Well, in any circumstances, one should be responsible to 'alarm' should it's feel the unfairness!!  Anyway, there is no FAIR in the world, therefore you don't see everyone having the same work, same earning, same lifestyle!!  All one can do is just make sure you DO YOUR JOB right!  If you have already know it's unfair, should one keep all evidence to protect themselves?  

If there is no evidence to put someone in guilt, then there will be no case on the 'suspect' and he or she will be acquainted!! Please be SMART in doing YOUR JOB and not push it everywhere like a TAI CHI master coz you never know when you meet a judge who only based on EVIDENCE of WORK as the judge had enough of all the hanky panky work that carried out!   

It's very frustrating to deal with people like this, and I am one that has been taught some big lessons that keeping emails are damn IMPORTANT!!  Even my own emails are kept from the 1st mail from the provider till now!!!  


  1. aiyo..Friday jor. Dont loh hei. Enjoy the weekend with Princess.

  2. well as for me I always teach my staff to email then follow by a call if it is urgent.
    That is call urgency mah...
    then of course have to cc to the sender's boss and also the recipient boss..
    have a good weekend ya...

  3. I read oso I feel stress dy! I'm very bad with emails, letters and memos.. that's why last time i failed while working as a secretary :(

  4. I always hear such argument in office, which is why made it a habit not to delete any sent or received mail. When my hard disk is full, i will request for a new one :)

  5. With emails, we don't talk anymore. I used to have the same problem in the office before.


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