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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Brave (2012 film)

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I got 2 free tickets during the Maybank Treatsfair recently, and on we went for our movie outing after redeeming the ticket few days earlier.  We got up early, hit Mid Valley for the show which start at 11.30am, had our McD breakfast (this also FOC as I redeemed my McD Sausage McMuffin coupon from the church) and slowly walked to the cinema for the show.

Since the show has not been taken down yet, I will suggest parents to take their child to this movie.  Despite that it did not has a very huge 'advertising' effort, but this is a good movie for all CHILDREN no matter at what age.  

The movie reflected clearly how every CHILD trying to go against not just customs, traditions but also words from the mother.  It has a good moral values to be told, and it make it so easy to understand.  It also shows how a mother be (even when she is under the spell) to protect her own flesh and blood.  

Go parents, weekend bring your child there.. you will have a different way of parenting (maybe) after this movie.


  1. Aiyo....making me wanna watch it. I love cartoons !

  2. I cried for this movie,particularly the part when the mother has turned into bear and when the princess was being attacked by another bad bad bear.....

  3. Thank you for the review. Will bring my kid to watch this movie.

  4. Yes I will go and watch this movie ..
    I like to watch cartoon.. hehehehe

  5. wow, great!! so everything was FREE for your nice weekend?? haha.. yeah, i saw the trailer of this movie and i like the computer graphics a lot.. thanks for the recommendation, will make my way to this movie.. :)

  6. We want to watch this movie badly, but it's only available in 3D here. No syiok la, need to wear the glasses and some more my kids complaint about the inconvenience.

    Will wait for the release of its DVD :(

  7. I think I have to wait for the DVD version. Have not been to the cinema since my boy is here :(

  8. I will get a DVD for my girls. Long awaited movie, but too bad it was in 3D in the cinema at my place.

  9. Very touching show, Highly recommended by me too!


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