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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Day 5, 6 & 7 - Still ongoing

I can't declare battle over yet.. over the weekend, we battle more since she practically have her access 24 hours!!  So, we not just have the whining session for night, but for her afternoon naps too!  aiyo... 

But glad to say, last night was a brisk... she finally get the idea of no 'nen nen', so no whining!  yay!!  But she couldn't fall asleep in her 'shut off' mode, and it make her very much cranky this morning.  Morning fix is still unavoidable!

I was on medical leave yesterday, and went to the doctor.  Doctor want to see if I am getting the sign of diabetic, as I told him my migraine is very bad.  So, the doctor 'poke' the finger tip to get blood for check, and I use this 'excuse' to tell Princess that doctor say cannot nen-nen.. hehehe.. think that's explain why she didn't whine last night.. hehehe.. 

Let's see how we survive for the 2nd week.. will update daily again.. 

I think I am one of the 'minority' that takes weeks to wean off... haiz...


  1. Hang in there dear....I'm sure everything will be just fine.
    Sayy, diabetic will cause migraine?

    1. well.. coz the migraine is causing my visual blur, so doc concern if that's diabetic.. but lucky no..

  2. hope you're getting well and recovering soon.. hmmm at least Princess is understanding for not asking for "nen nen".. :)

  3. take care and all the rest will come along well..

  4. Keep up the good work. I can see that Princess is progressing well in this weaning process.

  5. I hope all will be well with the blood test result Cyn. And Brea so pandai, understands when you said Doc said kenot nen-nen. Bravo!

  6. my husband gets migranies ocassionally as well. Donno wat's the cause also :P

    Jia you in the weaning process! :)

  7. Still got production? wow.. you are geng, Cyn! :)


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