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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

HSG Parent's Day Celebration

The church has a parents' day celebration last Sunday, and besides the guest speaker, Mr Gerald Bradley, we were also entertained by Mr "Elvis" HT Long.  It was a very meaningful event that day, as we were given a topic on how GOD is in place on our Parenting journey.  It was stressed so much on LOVE spell T.I.M.E which so often that we have been rushing to reach the top of the 'financial' world, we have neglected our lovely child / children at home that they too, needed us.

Pastor Cheah also put a good words that we can't earn the most money available in the world, and we should just do what we can to achieve including spending T.I.M.E with our children, and not forgetting our folks too!  A quote appeared that day was... As we grow older, and get ourselves busier, we forgot that our folks are growing old too!  

And just when Pastor Cheah speaking his words into my heart, on some words that were not spoken to our old folk, I realized how much I have done for them.  It's is an awakening message from the GOD last Sunday, that I should start looking for the solutions and time to spend.

The day ended not very good, as both myself and Princess had a 'fight' and didn't I just came home from church to deal with children and how to walk with GOD as a parent?  I just failed badly on this day.  I continue to pray to my Father Lord, that HE guides me with the utmost patience and love to deal with this journey.  I have no regret of taking this road on my own, with no other assistance along the way, but I do pray that besides not having a 'man' of life, I want GOD to guide me through and let minimise all the 'commotion' both myself and princess had.

I pray that Father Lord will give me what he thinks the best, and I shall take all his givings and blessing.  I shall not question should there be any hiccups as I think that's the test he would like to put me through in order to grow stronger.  Father, I only pray that you give me the comfort level of my financial, as I am not aiming to reach the gold mountain but we shall not suffer from financial stress. 



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