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Thursday, July 19, 2012

I rather be a robot

I would rather be a robot!!  I am serious, for those who had this function in the comment part of your blog, it's not inviting anymore as it's getting from bad to worse.  I sincerely urged that you remove this function, so we could be more happily commenting.  The above at least is still readable, as I got some which I need to refresh a few times before even can read it! 

Each time when I visit a blog, I have always wanted to comment, but each time when this thing pop up, it's really sianz as I am in a hurry and I can wasted a few minutes just waiting to get the 'easy' to read code.  

I am sorry if I offended anyone who thinks that this function may keep the 'robot' away, but instead of keeping the robot away, you are asking a human to go away.  I understand the intention of having this, to ensure that the spam and information security is carried out, but aren't this a bit too much? 


  1. exactly...
    furthermoer the number sometimes is very blur...

    1. ya lor SP... the blur ones sometimes got to refresh so many time only can read..

  2. I agree wt u. I removed mine too after I found it so annoying!

  3. I agree with you, mine don't have one.

  4. I removed mine months ago, after Blogger made it so hard to read the wording x__x

    After all, we want smooth reading and commenting, right? :)

  5. All along I never put up this.. yes, very leceh .. esp when the words are so difficult to read at times.. most times!

  6. it makes it so inconvenient for us..

  7. Agree with u.. I juz remove that from my blogs, too!

  8. I agreed with you Cynthia, the no and words are not readible sometimes.

    I think mine dont have right?

  9. Totally agreed. This is just too inconvenient!


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