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Sunday, July 1, 2012

POISE® Launches ‘IT HAPPENS TO ME’ Educational Campaign - Part 2

By now, you know that POISE is a product for LUL.  Below, is the captions from the event and it's a photo loaded post.  

The interior set-up of the event

My ever supportive event manager
The 3 main speakers for the night

Some screen shots of the educational videos
Pic with the 2 beauty POISE ambassadors
banners everywhere at the event hall

This lady was introducing and explaining the product with demonstration
Demonstration of absorbance test

The product range

We did Pilates for kegal exercise
cupcake compliment from POISE
Brought back the balloons for Princess.. she was amazed that the balloons are stuck at the ceiling!


  1. Nice event for mother and beautiful balloons for princess.. :)

  2. I am sure a lot of female will benefit from this..

  3. hahaha, never heard of this brand called POISE.. so scrolling down the post with all the pinkish decoration and finally featuring the product itself, i now know it's for ladies only.. :p


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