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Friday, July 27, 2012

Singapore Vs Penang

On the street food.. who is better?

This was a topic of discussion recently when one report show that Singapore has better street food than Penang!!  Can you imagine the furious Penangites on this matter?  When  we have the Penang Cendol, Sister Char Koay Teow, all nice nice yummy ban chien kueh, nyonya kueh and etc.. and YET, we lost it to SING-A-PORE!

Now, having worked in Singapore for many many years back, I can understand why we lost... we lost it with the PERSONAL touch of the food.. We now hire those Burmese, Indons, Bangla and etc to do the preparing, cooking and serving!!  For goodness sake, if I ever walked into a stall that has those 'foreigners' serving the food, I don't order that especially in those food court!  I will surely walked to a local owner despite how much I love the food!

Before I go on, let me share the top 10 street food first..

Virtual Tourist’s top ten cities for street food and what to eat
1.Bangkok Thailand - Pad Thai, green curry, Green Papaya salad, mango sticky rice
2.Singapore’s hawkers centres - Hainanese Chicken Rice, spicy Peranakan (Chinese & Malaysian) noodle soup, satay skewers
3.Penang, Malaysia - Char koay teow (stir-fried rice noodles), assam laksa (hot and sour fish soup), roti (Indian-influenced flatbread)
4.Marrakech, Morocco - roasted lamb and couscous, sheep's testicle and escargots, ggplant, kebabs, and brochettes
5.Palermo, Sicily - arancini (stuffed fried rice balls) pizza, gelato, cannolis, spleen sandwiches
6.Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam - pho (beef noodle soup) com tam (cooked broken rice) and spring rolls
7.Istanbul, Turkey - döner (lamb, chicken, or beef) balik ekmek (fish sandwiches), kebab
8.Mexico City, Mexico - tacos al pastor, made with pork and pineapple, roasted corn on the cob, churro (fried donought)
9.Brussels, Belgium - Belgian waffles, crepes, moules frites (mussels with fries) and caricolles (snails boiled in broth)
10.Ambergris Caye, Belize - Ceviche (raw fish marinated)

Let me tell you what I like in Singapore..

Ah Bo Ling glutinous rice ball with peanut soup!!  I can have 2 bowls of this desserts!!
 Mee Pok / Bak Chor Mee
Katong Laksa!!!

Penang food


Char Koay Teow
 Mee Yoke (Prawn Mee)

The next reason I can think of is the ingredient we use in Malaysia now.. with all the increase food cost, and cronies taking the 'profit', we end up having sub-standard ingredients in our food.    Try comparing the prawns in our CKT with those in Singapore, we are like using dried prawns la... 

When I am back from Singapore, I used to curse the living in here in KL, and I almost make an U-turn to return to Singapore for GOOD.   Pls don't ask me to go back SG now coz I CAN'T at the moment! :p

FYI, if I am eating in those 'neighborhood' food court those days, I can get a SGD2.50 chap fan with 3 dishes! If you can now find me a stall that gives you 3 dishes (1 meat / fish, taufu & vege) for that price, you better let me know!  not even with a conversion currency you get those in KL!!

You must be thinking I am damn pro-Singapore, but you are wrong coz I doubted the report since SINGAPORE HAS NO STREET FOOD! LOL!  

All they have are in those market food court (if you count that the market is by the street)!  LOL  

I am serious, if you put street food, Penang is better... but if you count the food overall, I will vote for Sing Jia Por!

Since it's going to be a weekend, I shall not bored you with my weaning post... 
OK.. PEACE!     Have a nice Weekend!


  1. Never mind, Penang lose to Singapore, we still have Ipoh leh! Haha

    1. lol .. yay for ipoh food..
      and also seremban food le .. kakakaka

  2. Frankly speaking why I would rather eat something simple at home than to eat the food served by Indon, Bangla or Burmese in the stall. .They are not only unhygienic, the food taste horrible. :(

  3. actually i don't mind who wins what..
    just as long as i still get my "PLC" food..
    later they win and they increase their price.. hahahahaha


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