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Friday, July 20, 2012

The reception days were ended...

officially on 20th July 2012.  The day marked my 2 months relief of the front line, and back to my back support function in the office.  For these 2 months, it's been kind of an enjoyable 'position' which I don't have to be seen most of the time by the boss, and I am don't have to mingle too much with the team too! hehehe... 

Despite that I have to take care of 2 workstation, one belongs to the receptionist, and one for myself, these days were gone, and I no longer needed to jaga pintu.  Since the day I sit in front, I have put my foot to instruct the contractor to fix my glass door as earlier it was not able to 'close' properly and I do not want to expose my personal assets with no proper surveillance.   I got it fixed, and people who visited my office now will not have 'free' access as they like.

Also, I have seen many 'character' with visitors to the office.  Some just not keen in waiting, some will sigh while they were here, some don't follow the time schedule and so on.. nevertheless, it's interesting to observe human kind.

I have also asked all the team members to use their access card, since the door is fixed as I do not fancy opening doors to them each time they go in and out of the office, hehehe if they has to hate me for this, let it be.. hahaha... I am not prepared to be the 'jaga' for the 'door' even I am sitting in front.  Think I am here to welcome guess visitors and not to keep an eye of those who has the access freely but decided not to use it for their own convenient.

I received phone calls who they themselves who they are looking for, and simply whack a name to try their luck.  Tough that they got me as I always make sure I pass the calls to the right person. 

Again, I have visitors come to our office without prior appointment.  Some were thick skin that they will just sit at the reception area even you tell them that the person that they wanted to see was in the meeting.  I find some of these sales person really a pain when they are just sitting at the reception area and rudely observe the office.

I am also in charge of the usage of our meeting room, however at most of the times, my team members don't cross check schedules, and they will end up with no rooms for their meeting.  I don't understand how come it's so difficult to just inform the front desk what meeting are they having, and who are we suppose to expect.

All good to end now, that I am back to my own workstation, clean up the necessary works that left behind, and I am glad I survived the 2 months period..


Happy Weekend! 


  1. yay you survived and have a great weekend with your princess....

  2. Looks like ur office staff (all levels) having BAD COMMUNICATION or NO communication ;p

  3. Screw them kow-kow! LOL. People who are not there with an appointment should be asked to leave. It is wrong for strangers to sit at other people's receptions to wait and observe. Totally wrong. I'd send them OUT if I were you!


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