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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Weaning Day 1

Ok, finally picked the heart to wean Princess off her addiction with my bOObs!!!  We started off not very well, but at least I could make do with the middle of the night addiction that just brushed her back to her lala-land when she was tossing and turning.

Since last week, I am in the project of weaning by telling her that she is a big girl and can sleep on her own without me.  Then one night, I was out with friends to 'sit coconut' for my ex-boss's FIL funeral, came home having a sleeping child.. hooray!  She can actually sleep on her own without me at night.  Ok, she has done this for the afternoon session without me, but not the night.. remember, we both came in a package, so no matter where I go, she has to be 'tag' along.

I kept stopping her to suck for comfort, once I can feel the flow of milk is none, I just pull away and tell her 'no more sucking', and of course, the whining will also start la.. this went on for a week, and last night, after her 'addiction' suck, I just tell her to sleep, and gave her loads of hugs and kisses till she fell asleep.  

I am going to do this again tonight, and hopefully slowly I can wean off the 'exclusive' rights of Princess, and able to let her have more sleeps too!

Soon.. will end the 3 years ++ journey of having someone sharing my 'assets'


  1. Bravo to Princess and Mummy.

  2. That is a good training, good for Princess and Mommy too!

  3. wow..so fast 5 years, Cyn! Time really flies when we blog.. hahaa...

  4. 3 years+? You are really a good mummy...a real good one. My wife already cannot tahan after 11 month, and we have been trying to wean my boy off for the past 2 weeks. Trying a lot of method too. Will share if we found sucess :)


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