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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Weaning - Day 2

Only able to have slight improvement.  Still whining if not given...

Hoping for a better Day 3 tonight.. I have been telling her that her 'nen nen' is pain, and hopefully she will be able to give in...

She is now wearing my T-shirt to bed... in substitutes...


  1. Jia you jia you. But knowing u so long, u r not as "hann" as me. I m very cruel u know...

  2. LittleLamb.. ya lor, I not so 'hann' lor.. that's why so many times also fail...but this time must die die make it la...

  3. hmm maybe you coud get something for her in return for the "nen nen".
    I remember that my dad get me a toy buy in one condition not to have that..
    hope it works...

    1. SP, good idea, but I failed badly in this substitutes.. :p

  4. step by step.. one day.. she'll wean off. can't blame a kid for wanting mom's boobs.. i think it gives her a sense of security.

  5. Take it easy..I'm sure she'll wean off one day.

  6. Good luck...i guess its a sense of security that they wanted. My wifey's milk supply is dry up too, but my boy still continue to suck for comfort. All the best to you and my wifey too :)

  7. Come to think of it¸ it's still a great bonding time.


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