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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Weaning.. Day 3

I hope I have not bored you all with this bored storyline, but I have to mark it, record it so I won't forget how many days we 'suffer' together to go through this.

We were getting better last night, with late night sleep after carecell meeting, Princess whining went shorter before she dozed off, and I made a mistake for waking in the middle of the night to charge my phone afraid that it will 'died' before the alarm! and there, Princess was 'raba raba' for her fix.  I tried to brush her off, but FAIL... aiyo...or she will have a sleep through night!  *slap myself*

In the morning, she will still need a 'boost' to her fix before heading out the house, but the boost is getting lesser too!  She will stop when I instructed her to.. from the initial count of 10, she is now getting only 8.. let's see if I can get to 5 tomorrow...

Day 3, a great improvement... hope I don't have to do this till next week... we shall see...


  1. Aijor...duno kesian the mommy or princess..

  2. Hahaha... i was laughing when i read till raba-raba.. i had stop bf my daughter when she's 2. Now already 1 year + and she still will raba-raba to look for me in the middle of the night. :P

  3. oh ya, what i did is i told her no more nen-nen and pain-pain. :P She very sayang her mommy, so she let go when she saw me (faking) in pain. :P And finally it's all abt consistency. But I would say, your princess will still remember for as long as she wants.. even after 1yr+ she can still tell me, nen2 very good. :D

  4. Its not boring at all. Please continue to post an update on your progress.

  5. No, you didn't bore me. I love to read the progress of weaning Princess from breast milk. I hope she is getting better and better now.


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