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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Weaning Day 4 - The battle continues..

This is a backdated post.. day 4 falls on 27 July 2012..

Last night was some whining happen, but Princess managed to sleep without a single latch on her 'fix' but the raba raba still going on... I refrained her from raba-ing inside, therefore the 'plead' of crying happened coz she wanted to 'feel' since cannot 'suck'.. *slap forehead*

It was a lot more of hugs and kisses, lots of song singing to make her fall asleep..

Morning was on 'fix' for few seconds... that could make her so happy!! aiyo, seeing this, I am CRUEL to not giving her... :p

Day 4, battle still continues... shall see how the weekend...


  1. No worries, your princess will be fine.

  2. Ka Yau!!! I'm sure you will success! Wish you all the best!

  3. soon it will be over...
    be patience..


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