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Friday, July 13, 2012

A week gone.. just like that...

This week past pretty fast... From Monday to Friday, I seems to be very 'engage' that I did not have the time to really do up a blog post.  Must write down what I did, so I could actually recall where all my time went to...

Monday - something exciting came up, and the whole day passed without much activity but come day end, I had a bad backache and throat infection.

Tuesday - taken medical leave to see doctor, and was told that my mucus was running back to my throat, therefore created the irritation and after had some antibiotic throughout the last 2 days, I started coughing..

Wednesday - Another exciting day... I am praying for some 'miracle' to happen, and I hope it will... Will continue to pray... In addition, work at office was getting busier due to meeting and meeting, and I ended the day with a good massage by my helper's friend...

Thursday - It started BAD as I got someone hijacked my time slot for meetings, and it caused a lot of back to back meetings in the 2nd half of the day.  I was pissed off by the person who screwed up the schedule, as I was just talking to him about the meeting the day BEFORE!!  Anyway, both myself and Princess was at Mid Valley, and we will be going for FREE movie this Saturday.  I have claimed the free vouchers from Maybank.

Today - It seems better, I met with my cousin SIL and we have a good chat over lunch hour, and later kao tim all my banking matters that I need to do.  Happy to have a good end (hope I don't jinx it) and look forward for tomorrow.

Plan for tomorrow will that we will go watch BRAVE in the morning in Mid Valley, and dinner at night in Sg Buloh. 

Sunday, I will be in church as usual, but I hope I can bake some buns for the kids after movie tomorrow and before heading out for dinner.. let's see how things go...

Till then,



  1. Happy weekend to you...
    Hope you will have a great time with your princess

  2. Wow, you certainly have a busy week. Mee too. Have a great weekend, and make sure you enjoy it!

  3. Its true, cant seem to remember what I did the whole week! Really need to jot down! Hope you had fun with the movie. Did Breanna enjoy it? I have yet to step foot into a cinema with Bryan yet.


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