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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Am I targeted?

The more I think of this, the more I get myself worried.. so, I shall just pen it down, and let it pass..

Last 2 week, after office hour, I was walking towards my car in the car park, and knowing that the recent cases involved in shopping mall, I decided to keep myself alert, and make as swift as for my action.  Each time when I am in the car, I will first step on the brake to lock my doors even before I start my engine.  I have heard so much of cases, that YES, I admit nowadays I have become more 'scary' cat than before.  I remembered those days, when I drive, my friend will always remind me to 'lock' the door.. 

What happened last 2 week, was that when I am in the car,  someone appeared out of no where!!  When I locked the car, and about the start my engine, I saw this guy pretend 'turning' away from my car!!  But from the action, I can guess that he was actually trying to 'chase' me BUT make a turn when I locked the car door.  

I kept thinking on the bad side of what can happened if I am 'late' in locking the car!  I was totally freak out, and each time now I walked at the car park, I become more and more 'careful'.  Even at home, I will make sure all the grills are lock at all time, as I am really 'freak' out by reading all the news about robbed or hurt!

I can say, if I am not hurt, at any point, I don't mind losing those monetary stuff.  Guess I am getting more paranoid as being a single parent, I really afraid the bad happened, and no one is there to care for Princess.  I pray each day for my safety, and may Lord let me live till the day I see my Princess able to care for herself, then, I am more than happy to be back to his side.

When I listened to the radio this morning, mentioning on the 'award chart' for the security provision by shopping mall, it kept me thinking.. what had happened to me if I did not have the 'kiasi' attitude and locked my car door every time the minute I enter..

Thank GOD for keeping me safe, and letting me pick up the habit of locking the door.


  1. Try to ajak your colleagues to walk to the car park together after work. I am freaked out too after reading all those news of robbery. If I really have to go to shopping mall, I try to make it there early and get a parking spot nearest to the entrance. So kiasu! LOL..

  2. This is not kiasu or kiasi. It is good that you are so alert when walking alone in the car park. Ever since I become mother, I am very kiasi also. As I said before, i want to help babysitting my grand kids in future.

  3. Better be kiasi than to be sorry later. Please be careful and be alert at all times. I, too...when walking in down town will be looking left and right to make sure no bad ppl following me.

  4. better be prepared rather than sorry..
    nowadays the crime rate is really increasing...

  5. You are absolutely correct on this. This is already not a matter of kiasu or kiasi, by looking at the crime rate at KL. I hope God will continue to bless you and princess, and keep both of you safe.

  6. you are a great writer.. Keep posting Buddy!!
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  7. Better be kiasi kiasu than mati

  8. Yes, I am also very scared even when walking along the streets... what is our country turning into... sigh..

  9. You did the right thing and there is nothing wrong about being kiasu kiasi today, with the current increasing crime rate.

    glad you were alright.

  10. thank God you're alright. Do pray before you leave home every morning. He'll kept you safe from harm. ;) Just believe. ;)
    Have a nice day!

  11. thankfully that you are ok. I always remind myself to immediately get into the car and lock it before do anything else.


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