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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Change... again for better

My new logo which I just did some customisation from those free online logo provider.  I choose a sun rise, as I see myself rising from the 'sad' and soon, my 'moarning' period should end once the debt collection work completed.

I have change this to be my profile pic, so when I visit your blog and leave a comment, you will see this for definite.  I am making changes bit by bit, and looking for the financial freedome soon too!  I don't mind the work hard stuff, as long as I am able to generate my simple life smoothly.

I don't set high targets, but like to bring my mum and princess for at least jalan jalan cuti cuti Malaysia as often as I can when come long weekends, and at least a overseas trip once every 2 years?  This year, I am hoping to make an extra bucks through my blog, therefore more advertorial stuff is written.  However, I assure you that my opinions and reviews are all truth and not bias.  


  1. All da best to you Cyn and may all your wish come true :)

  2. not sure what happened cos this is the first time i drop by your blog.. will read it up when i've the time.. and all the best ..

    Remember, *I'M POSSIBLE* :)

  3. good .. I love your new logo..
    brighten up my blog . with the bright and sunny sun..

  4. that's nice. Can I hv the logo site?

  5. Nice logo. It sounds like a good plan to make more bucks to take your family for holidays.

  6. All the best with the new blog:D Good idea to use the moolah from the blog for hurraydays.

    I am using my advertorial payments for the furkids...

  7. Nice logo. May all your wish come true :)

  8. A good start!! Wish you all the best! :D


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