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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cynful Pleasure @ Mooncake workshop

Besides having a chance to taste the varieties of mooncakes available, I was given the opportunity to lay my hands on making mooncakes too using the Genting Recipe!!  
The recipe for the skin as below, and all you need to do is mix the ingredient together and make a dough.  Let the dough rest for at least 3 hours before wrapping with your filing of choice.  Resting the dough is to ensure that it's not stick and easier to handle when wrapping.  Do remember to have extra dusting flour for your table and hands..

Ingredients for the skin:
750 gram flour
600 gram golden syrup
150 gram oil
15 alkaline water

Weigh the dough about 30g, and the filing about 135g (without egg yolk, reduce if got yolk)
Of course, not forgetting the mold that you will press in the wrapped dough and filing! 

Let me show you 2 videos on how to do that.. the sifu showing the skills..

Yours truly with my mooncake
The mess we created...
More people hands on.. and more taking photos..
The individual mooncakes
The Group Photo!! and SIFU!
We get to take home each of our 'creation' at the end of the tour, and due to my 'sickness' I did not taste it, but was commented nice by my family members...



  1. what is golden syrup?
    where can we buy it?

    1. You can get golden syrup either from the supermarket or bakery shop. It's actually sugar syrup but concentrated type and in gold color due to caramelisation.

      Got one type with green can is very nice but expensive la.. usually 500g of golden syrup is about RM7.00

      Good luck!

  2. This is such a good experience.

  3. Love that picture of you and MOONCAKE! NICE!

  4. Wah...must be a wonderful experience!

  5. What a wonderful experience to make the mooncake with your own hands!I did it when I'm still young when my grandma is still around. Its so much fun!

  6. So the fun geh! Wish I was invited :(

  7. It's just early 'Ghost month' but mooncakes are everywhere already!

    I wanna eat mooncake! ;)


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