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Friday, August 17, 2012

Genting’s International Magic Festival 2012!

Fan of Magic Please read here!!  read for the additional information about the exciting event!!  

For I am a fan of Magic.  I am excited to see how people can just do things in a flip of the eye and I like to see how that done..  I remembered glued in front of TV whenever there was show of the famous magician!  But lately, with some shows 'breaking' the code, I prefer to watch it live instead of from the TV.

So, my wish is coming true soon... The Genting International Magic Festival is ON!!  Why so great about this festival?  Read this.. 

-          Showcase International Renowned Magicians, Magical Buskers & Magical Exhibits, all under 1 roof - Malaysia.
-          Produced & Directed by an Independent Malaysian.
-          Covers 3 Unique Events within the period of 40 days
1.       International Magical Buskers
2.       International Magic Factory
3.       Superstars Of Magic 2, 2012

Have the above make you all excited?  Now, let me introduce you the 8 magicians?

Have you WOW yet?  NO?  Then you just got to read the 4 highlights here under!

MAIN HIGHLIGHTS: Superstars Of Magic 2
Date      : 18/08 – 09/09/2012
             : 25/08/2012 (Extra Matinee Show @ 4.00pm)
Time      : 9.00pm
Venue  : Genting International Showroom

The magic is back at Genting with Superstars of Magic 2 as 8 new magicians are set to dazzle you with their spectacular acts. Prepare to be amazed once again as they perform their grand illusions so fast, your mind will tell you they’re real. Don’t miss these renowned award-winning magicians as they set out to amaze you with their stunning and extravagant performance once again at Resorts World Genting.

Presenting the grand illusionists that will astonish you: “The World’s Greatest Escape Artist” – Dean Gunnarson, “The Great Illusionists” – JC Sum and ‘Magic Babe’ Ning, the “World’s Best Variety Act” – Charlie Frye & Co., “Europe’s Best Pickpocket Artist” - Christian Lindemann, “Stage Comedy Magician of the Year” – Chipper Lowell, “France’s Card Manipulation Champion” – Nestor Hato, the “World’s Best Quick Change Act” – Sos and Victoria Petrosyan, and “The World’s Youngest Manipulation Artists” – Sos and Tigran Junior.

Don’t miss out on this chance to witness in person an amazing magical experience. Grab your show tickets now and see if you can tell how they did it.

International Buskers
Date      : 01 – 15/08/2012
Time      : 12.00noon onwards
Venue  : Resort wide

Be mesmerized with our international magic buskers as they make their rounds at our resort in line with our magic theme this season. They are no ordinary buskers but are among the best in their field, all brought together from all over the world to one place with only one purpose – to entertain your family, your friends and yourself.

Be sure to keep an eye out for them when you are here at the resort. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

International Magic Factory
Date      : 15/08 – 02/09/2012
Time      : 10.00am onwards
Venue  : Universal Walk, First World Plaza
Here’s your chance to dazzle your family and friends with your very own unique magic performance. With the help of these international magic products, they will think that you have a special uncanny ability to perform a unique magic act that is otherwise not seen locally. A total of 8 international vendors will be here to present their magic wares at First World Plaza, offering you a wide and unique selection that will enhance a very basic magic act into something that looks complicated. No magic skills and experience are required as these products are easy to use. But you will need to find your beautiful assistant on your own.

Magic Workshop 
Date      :   24 - 25/08, 31/08 - 02/09 & 07 - 09/09/2012
Time      :   2.00pm 
Venue  :  Genting International Convention Center, Meeting 7 & 8

It is not every day that one is given the chance to learn from the best, but we are offering you an opportunity not-to-be-missed. Emulate the professionals by attending their workshops and see how they did their tricks. It is one thing to see the secrets on TV, but the chance be taught by one of these professionals in person is a worthwhile experience.

Workshop Sessions
24 August 2012
: Charlie Frye
25 August 2012
: Chipper Lowell
26 August 2012
: Christian Lindemann
31 August 2012
: JC Sum
1 September 2012
: 'Magic Babe' Ning
2 September 2012
: Christian Lindemann
7 September 2012
: Charlie Frye
8 September 2012
: JC Sum
9 September 2012
: 'Magic Babe' Ning

·        For further information, please visit website at Resort World Genting or contact hotline: 03-27181118.
·        Genting International Magic Festival URL Link: Home Page



  1. i always like to watch live magic shows..
    have a great holiday ya...

  2. I always wanted to learn magic myself :D

  3. that's interesting! If only I hv the time!

  4. Interesting, I like magic shows when I was a kid. One day, must learn some tricks to entertain my boy!


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