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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Holidays... holidays... here I plan...

Do you know after the Raya holiday, almost every 2 weeks we will get a long weekend?  Let me list down below what the holidays coming ya..

1)  Merdeka Day - Aug 31 (Fri, Sat & Sun)
2)  Malaysia Day - Sept 16 (Sat, Sun & Mon)
3)  Raya Haji - Oct 26 (Fri, Sat & Sun)
4)  Deepavali & Awal Muharam - 13th & 15th Nov (if you take 14th & 16th, you get 6 days)
5)  Christmas - 25 Dec 

And of course, all the above holiday will be school holidays too!  hippa hippa!!  You don't know what you want to do?  Then consider going to Genting!!  Let me bring you a virtual tour of what you can do there ya..

if you love mystery & surprises! That’s why you will extremely thrilled that 8 award-winning magicians from Superstars of Magic 2 are here to dazzle you with their spectacular acts! from 18 August to September to witness this amazing experience.  I blog on this too HERE!

MUST EAT Bubbles & Bites
They have a swanky new dining outlet! Come drop by, pop some bubbles and grab a bite! Bite in their Simply Fresh hamburger” with 200 gsm of fresh ground beef and wagyu lard on a soft burn.  I blog about this HERE!

Moon cake festival is a season of re-union with family & friends. Make sure you bring home some authentic moon cakes to share together with exchanging stories…I made my own Genting mooncake HERE!

MUST EXPERIENCE Genting Theme Park
There’s so much of excitement & fun at our Indoor & Outdoor Theme Park with loads of thrilling adventures for everyone.

After all the MUST stuff, you may opt the followings too!

LOADS of Exciting Itinerary!!
Snow World (Coming Up)
Outdoor Theme Park
Indoor Theme Park
Water Park
Sky Venture
Flying Coaster
To have bowling game
Ripley's Believe It Or Not!
To have my favourite movie
Fun time at video game park
Q-Center (Snooker & Pool)

A fresh air trip in the cable car
Just want a relax stay in Genting
Have a nice brew coffee
Enjoy the fresh air & the cool weather
A Good Friend Gathering
Relaxation SPA
Visitor Gallaria

To watch international show
To watch concert

Visit Strawberry Farm
Visit Orchid Farm
Visit Mushroom Farm

Enjoy varieties of foods
Dine at the new opening outlet “Bubble & Bites” – Contemporary western dining delight
Enjoy International Buffet
Chill out at Entertainment outlets with varieties of International Beers & Drinks

Visit Chin Swee Cave Temple
Enjoy the jungle tracking at Awana Genting
Eco Sport at Awana Genting

Exciting enough?  You can now start to plan your holidays.. and for myself, I am spending Christmas in Genting!!

I took Princess to Genting when she was about 1 1/2 yrs old, and now at 3++ she enjoy more rides, and able to enjoy the weather.  I have booked myself to First World Hotel..Since the holidays are around, you might also consider spending your holiday in Genting?  

Or you want to join me there?  We can count down there... hehehe..


  1. you forget another important holiday..
    THE NEW YEAR .. gee time really flies ..

  2. Woot...thanks for reminding for the holidays. Kenji haven't been there before, let me discuss with wifey.hehe

  3. wow..you are so lucky..so many holidays..I got to work.

  4. Genting is a good place for parents with kids :)

    I might consider bringing my children up there.

  5. I like Genting! But hubby isnt keen of this place cause we both dont gamble and he doesnt like outdoor themepark =_=

  6. Wah...so many things to do at Genting. Thank you for the suggestions. Enjoy your holidays,ya!


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