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Monday, August 13, 2012

I have never been this sick...

this is worse than my pregnancy journey, I tell ya, I have never had this kind of 'pain' that ended me not having any appetite over the last few days.

It all started with a Genting trip, a F1 alike bus driver, and it ended me throwing out in the bus.  Then later, few sweet and yummy mooncakes tasting, and a late lunch causes another stir.. The final round was that another 'puking' episode in the bus on the way down hill.. Knowing how bad it was on the way up, I 'emptied' all the food before leaving Genting, and yet, I am still not spare from 'puking' 'wong tam sui'!

The minute I arrived at Wisma Genting, I basically 'float' to reach my car, and drive home.  I am so looking forward for my bed that moment of time.  I drove like I was driving a heavy truck, taking each acceleration in care since I don't feel very well.  The stomach was churning with wind, and guess if that's use for energy, it will surely work!!

Princess can feel my pain I guess, that she came asking me if I am ok for many many times... this round, she can feel I am not faking it!  I totally do not have any energy by the time I arrived home, and just feel like lying on the bed.  At about 11pm, my brother was out buying supper, so I tumpang to have a loaf of bread, and guess what.. only after a slice of bread, I already feel the bread pushing back to my throat!!  So I went back to bed and lie down to rest.. 

Very unfortunate that I can't handle the pain and the wind churning in my stomach and requested for a drive to the nearest 24 hours clinic!  I needed a doctor badly, or I am afraid of dying in pain!!  Since I have not experienced such pain since birth, I also not experienced seeing a doctor at midnight!  Even during my labour, I was already in hospital ard 10pm!!

I went in to the doctor, told him what I think, and after some checks, I can only hear these few words from the doctor (NO oily, spicy, curry laksa, assam laksa, coffee, tea, chinese tea and blah blah blah for 3 YEARS!)  oh gosh, that's awakening!! I tried to open my eyes as wide, and re-confirmed what I heard and guess the doctor say, YES!  and he repeat the same with additional food... oh.. I so gonna cabut out of his clinic that minute!  I was like "doc, you are not curing me but killing me softly with your 'prohibited' food!

Once out from the consultation room, I headed to the toilet to have all whatever left of "wong tam sui' thrown out.  I have never been throwing out so much even during my preggy time!! I tell ya, it's really a disaster for me to experience this and I hope this thing call 'gastric' stay away as far as possible.

The bills come up to RM100, and with a few kinds of colored pills and a bottle of awful Magnesium syrup kind of medication.  The moment I am home, all the medication were diligently down to my throat and sleep was the next happening thing that night.

My colorful medication
The next day woke up still having that nausea feeling, and after going out with my mum to get some stuff, we went to jalan jalan at the bazaar and not heading the advice from the doc, I went and tried eating 'cucuk udang with peanut sauce'.. and guess what... my food that that day were all wasted in my toilet bowl... haiz.. 

Weekend was spend at home mostly, as I am not spared from attending my 2 lovely brothers' birthday celebration.  I still went out for dinner, ate a little and enjoy some accompany and family time.  Until today, I still feel the 'little tornado' in my stomach and avoided most food.. guess lunch will have to be 'ching ching dei' which either bread or porridge.. or maybe Maggie Ayam!  

I hope I am spare from these sufferings soon, as I don't think I can tolerate the little tornado in the stomach and it's getting very uncomfortable.


  1. NO oily, spicy, curry laksa, assam laksa, coffee, tea, chinese tea and blah blah blah for 3 YEARS!
    Did I read it correctly? I thought just be careful what you eat for 3 days, but 3 years are definitely too long to withstand the crave.
    Anyway you take care, and get well soon.

  2. Cannot be lah,3 years without those heavenly foods,mana boleh jadi? Hey,just eat well,rest well and worry not,we all should be fine, by the way,must drink loads of water too ya..........

  3. Oh dear, poor you but 3 years? did I hear correctly? That's too long. Just eat in moderation should be fine? but of course you are a bit too much also, so fast go and try cucur udang in peanut sauce. ;) Hope you get well soon. It's awful to be feeling sick like this.

  4. OMG....sounded so bad.

    Speedy recovery Cyn!

  5. This is bad...Take care and hope you have a quick recovery!

  6. must be food poisoning..take care..

  7. 3 years? Why 3 years? Normally doc will say like days, weeks or months.. but years? Oh gosh, Cyn, I hope you get better real soon :(

    1. I was wondering why 3 years too?? Why so long??

  8. Aiyo..really teruklah your vomitting. Hope you are better now.

  9. Take care and speedy recovery to you!

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